Avoid potential deletion of media files in Premiere Pro CC 2017 (11.1)

Working with the new Premiere Pro CC 2017 (11.1) automatic Media Cache management tools to avoid unintended deletion of user media

Premiere Pro CC 2017 (11.1) introduced a new feature to manage and automatically remove aging and unnecessary media cache files. This feature was designed to assist users in managing existing project media cache files more easily. In the default location for media cache preferences, there is no issue. However, incorrect usage of this feature has the potential for unintentional file deletion.

To avoid this issue when setting up a custom Media Cache Files location, follow the instructions below.

  1. Launch Premiere Pro

    • On Windows, choose Edit > Preferences > Media Cache       
    • On Mac, choose Premiere Pro CC > Preferences > Media Cache
  2. Browse to a storage location of your choice.

    • A fast internal drive such as an SSD for this location is recommended

  3. Create a folder at the specified location to be dedicated for the Media Cache file storage and name the folder appropriately (for example, Adobe Cache).

  4. Set the Media Cache automatic management settings as needed for your particular workflow. 

The following scenarios have the potential for active cache files being deleted from projects.

  • Setting the management settings to remove cache files too often
  • Exceeding the amount of storage set for cache files 

Important: Never store project assets, media, or other required files inside the folder created to store Media Cache Files. Doing so has the potential to unintentially delete media files.