Learn what's new in the latest release of Premiere Pro.


Adobe Premiere Pro 13.1.5 provides important fixes and is recommended for all users.

Premiere Pro 13.1.4 includes all of the improvements from 13.1.3 with an additional bug fix that addresses a launch issue for some Windows systems with outdated drivers.

The 13.1.3 update for Premiere Pro includes the following enhancements:

  • Better HEVC performance on Mac
  • Multichannel audio mixing improvements allowing for up/down mixing of 5.1 <-> stereo using the Channel Mixer effect. For more information, see Audio effects and transitions.
  • More flexibility for caption file exports         
  • Graphics layers are now in the same order in the Essential Graphics panel and the Effects Control panel
  • Warp stabilizer improvements that make it easy to clean up handheld footage from different cameras or fine-tune camera shake to match your creative intent. Comprehensive refinements make the Warp Stabilizer workflow more powerful and much faster.

This release of Premiere Pro removes support for importing MKV formats. 

Premiere Pro 13.1.3 also fixes a critical issue with AAF exports from Premiere Pro where some source media associated with XMP may be deleted after rendering. This issue only occurs in versions 13.1, 13.1.1 and 13.1.2 of Premiere Pro. For information on known issues and other bugs fixed in this release, see:


Top new features

April 2019 release (version 13.1)


Freeform view

Use the new Freeform view in the Project panel to organize and review your media and storyboard ideas for your projects.


Use Rulers and Guides

Lay out text, graphics, and video clips with precision. Save and share guide setups for greater consistency in your designs using the new Rulers and Guides in the Program Monitor.


Auto Ducking for ambient sounds

Incorporate ambient sounds in your audio mix and automatically adjust background volume around spoken dialog or voiceovers.


Faster mask tracking

Speed up color grading and effects workflows with improved Mask Tracking in Premiere Pro including HD, 4K, and higher resolution formats. 


Graphics and text enhancements

The Essential Graphics panel in Premiere Pro has a number of text and graphics enhancements to make your titling and graphic workflows smoother.


New View menu

A new dedicated View menu in Premiere Pro consolidates Program Monitor commands, such as magnification and playback performance, as well as options to add for working with guides.


Audio enhancements

Copy and paste audio effects within a track or between tracks using simple keyboard shortcuts. 


Performance improvements

HEVC playback on Windows is smoother with new 10-bit hardware decoding. This release also includes hardware decoding improvements for H.264 and HEVC on macOS. RED footage plays better with new RED Metal acceleration.


Frame replacement for Decode errors

Premiere Pro replaces problem frames with a copy of the adjacent frame, smoothing out the issue so you can edit your content without distracting red frames.


New caption export options

New export options for captions give you more controls for exporting to third-party applications for an easier caption workflow.


Shortcut support for non-English keyboards

Premiere Pro automatically maps shortcuts to non-English keyboards so that the same key and modifier combinations work with different keyboard layouts.


Tool to identify system compatibility issues

The new System Compatibility Report identifies known issues, such as out-of-date video card drivers when you launch Premiere Pro. Access System Compatibility Reports anytime from the Help menu.


Image scaling options

Choose absolute or proportional scaling in Sequence setting to ensure content is framed correctly when changing your sequence format.


New file format support

Import native Sony Venice V3 files for expanded cinema camera support.


Other enhancements

Find information about other enhancements in this release such as the ability to consolidate duplicate folders, the ability to render and replace video effects in a sequence, and more.

Previous releases of Premiere Pro

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