Adobe Connect Webcast

Communicate with multiple people using customized events. Do live events using audio and video streaming and measure attendee engagement.

Adobe Connect Webcast is designed to support one-to-many and few-to-many communication with large, dispersed audiences. These events can be conducted for marketing programs, internal and external communication initiatives, and continuing education applications. Each event can be customized based on the feature and branding requirements of the event host or sponsor.

The Adobe Connect Webcast interface provides access to the live event, including audio or video streaming and presentation content. Access to the webcast is typically provided through a registration URL. Registered attendees have access to the live event and on-demand replay (which remains associated with the same URL as the live event). Typical webcasts can include the following attendee features:

  • Submit question box

  • Refer a friend hyperlinks

  • Additional content download options

  • Poll questions and surveys

  • Option to participate by conference call

Audio and video communication is typically one way in Adobe Connect Webcast. Hosts and moderators present audio or video content to the audience. The question submission and polling features enable attendees to provide feedback on the event content. These events also provide robust reporting capabilities to webcast hosts to indicate attendee engagement, and whether any questions submitted during an event require follow-up.

Each webcast can have a different appearance, depending on the nature of the event and the customer’s needs.


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