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Adobe Firefly overview

Create images, add styles and textures to text, fill image areas with AI-generated content, create social media posts, posters, and flyers, generate vector graphics, and more — all with simple text prompts.

Discover the power of generative AI with Adobe Firefly.

Access the Firefly web app

Explore a world of creative possibilities
Use everyday language to get extraordinary results with our generative AI features.

About Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a standalone web application available at It offers new ways to ideate, create, and communicate while significantly improving creative workflows using generative AI and is designed to be safe for commercial use. In addition to the Firefly web app, Adobe also has the broader Firefly family of creative generative AI models, along with features powered by Firefly in Adobe’s flagship apps and Adobe Stock.

Firefly is the natural extension of the technology Adobe has produced over the past 40 years, driven by the belief that people should be empowered to bring their ideas into the world precisely as they imagine them.

Plans and membership

Since generating content with AI models requires significant computational resources, we have updated our plans to include a monthly allocation of “generative credits.”


Your generative credits can only be used in the apps you are entitled to.

Start creating with Firefly

Effortlessly transform your ideas into vibrant realities and save significant time with the following generative AI features in the Firefly web app:

Text to Image

Describe the image you want to create, from realistic images, such as portraits and landscapes, to more creative ones, such as abstract art and fantasy illustrations.

Generative Fill

Modify your own image by removing, adding, or replacing elements with generated content using simple text prompts.

Text Effects

Use Adobe Express to create text effects that stand out to emphasize information and add visual interest to social media posts, flyers, posters, and more — effortlessly and in no time.

Generative Recolor

Use Adobe Illustrator to apply themes and color variations to vector images using everyday language to test and experiment with limitless combinations. 

Explore more help and resources

Using generative credits

Find out what generative credits are, how to use them, how many you have in your plan, when they refresh, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to common questions on commercial usage, watermarks, training data, content authenticity, and more.

Create effective prompts

Boost your skills and results with some tips and tricks to get the most value and possibilities of what you can do and create.

Join our community to connect, learn, and engage

Ask the Community

For inspiration, expert tips, and solutions to common issues, visit Discord or the Adobe Firefly Community forum. Connect with our team and fellow users to exchange ideas, share your creations, stay updated with the latest features and announcements, and provide feedback.


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Adobe MAX 2024

Adobe MAX
The Creativity Conference

Oct 14–16 Miami Beach and online

Adobe MAX

The Creativity Conference

Oct 14–16 Miami Beach and online

Adobe MAX 2024

Adobe MAX
The Creativity Conference

Oct 14–16 Miami Beach and online

Adobe MAX

The Creativity Conference

Oct 14–16 Miami Beach and online