Error message: "Unable to activate one or more fonts"

If a font fails to activate, an error message is displayed: “Unable to activate one or more fonts.”


The activation may have failed due to an interruption in your network connection, a problem connecting to Creative Cloud, or an account issue.

First, click the Retry button to try activating the fonts again. If it continues to fail, follow the steps in the troubleshooting guide.

Error message: "A font with the same name is already installed"

If you try to activate a font that is already installed on your computer, an error message is displayed: “A font with the same name is already installed.”


The version available through Adobe Fonts may be more recent than the one you have installed. To replace the version on your computer, first uninstall the local version using your font management software or the font tools built in to the operating system.

  • On macOS, the default font manager is Font Book. Highlight the name of the font and then choose Edit > Disable [font] family.
  • On Windows, open the Control Panel and click Fonts. Copy the font from the Fonts folder to another location to create a backup, and then delete it from the Fonts directory. Finally, sign out of your Windows account and then sign back in to update the system fonts menu.

Then click the Retry button to try activating the fonts again.

Using InDesign to locate installed fonts

If you have InDesign installed, you can use it to find where the font is currently installed on your computer:

  1. Open a new document in InDesign.

  2. Choose Type > Font > [desired font], and then draw a text box.

  3. Choose Type > Find Font.

  4. In the Find Font window, click the font name in the Font Information list, and then click More Info. The Path line shows where the font file is installed on the computer.

Find Font window


  • Occasionally, two fonts share an internal PostScript name but have slightly different user-visible names. Look for a similar font if you don't have the exact one installed.
  • If the font isn't listed in your font management software, search for the font name on your computer. It may be installed in a local folder, such as the InDesign fonts folder.