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Added fonts aren't showing in the font menu

  1. Adobe Fonts User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. System and subscription requirements
    2. Browser and OS support
    3. Add fonts on your computer
    4. Add fonts to your website
    5. Add fonts on CC Mobile
  3. Font licensing
    1. Font licensing
    2. Manage your account
    3. Licensing for Creative Cloud for enterprise customers
    4. Adding font licenses to your account
    5. Removing fonts from the subscription library
    6. Adobe Fonts not available to Adobe IDs registered in China
    7. Why aren't these fonts included in my Creative Cloud subscription?
    8. Morisawa font removal September 2021
  4. Getting and using fonts
    1. Using Adobe Fonts in Creative Cloud apps
    2. Manage your fonts
    3. Resolve missing fonts in desktop applications
    4. Using fonts in InDesign
    5. Fonts and typography
    6. Using web fonts in HTML5 Canvas documents
    7. Using fonts in InCopy
    8. How to use fonts in Adobe Muse
    9. Using web fonts in Muse
    10. Packaging font files
    11. Troubleshooting guide: Adding fonts
    12. Added fonts aren't showing to font menu
    13. "Unable to add one or more fonts" or "A font with the same name is already installed"
    14. What happens when a font I'm using is updated by the foundry?
  5. Web design and development
    1. Add fonts to your website
    2. Troubleshooting guide: Adding fonts to a website
    3. Using web fonts in HTML email or newsletters
    4. Using web fonts with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
    5. CSS selectors
    6. Customize web font performance with font-display settings
    7. Embed codes
    8. Dynamic subsetting & web font serving
    9. Font events
    10. Why are my web fonts from
    11. Site can't connect to
    12. Using web fonts with CodePen
    13. Browser and OS support
    14. Domains
    15. Using web fonts when developing locally
    16. Content security policy
    17. Printing web fonts
  6. Language support and OpenType features
    1. Language support and subsetting
    2. Using OpenType features
    3. Syntax for OpenType features in CSS
  7. Font technology
    1. OpenType-SVG color fonts
    2. Ten Mincho: important points on updating from Version 1.000

After you've added some fonts, they should be showing in the font menu in each application, alongside all of your installed fonts. However, there are a few cases where you may not see the font right away.

Restart the software program

Some programs, including Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office, do not automatically update the font menu when a new font is added. These applications need to be restarted before the new fonts are available for use.

The font family is listed under another name

Different software programs can display font names differently in their font menus. FF Market, for example, will appear as “Market OT” in InDesign and “MarketOT” in Microsoft Word.

If the font family includes the foundry in the name, e.g. FF Market Web or JAF Facit, it will sometimes not be included in the font name in the application.

The font weights and styles are listed differently

Many programs, including Adobe Creative Cloud, use a “Typographic” naming convention. The software bundles all variations of a font under the Font Family name. For example, InDesign will display “Proxima Nova” as the Font Family name, then add all the variations for that font in a drop-down list.

List of Proxima Nova styles

Condensed or Compressed families will usually group under their own family (for example, “Proxima Nova Condensed”), but there are some exceptions. Myriad Pro, for example, treats Condensed as a font variation instead of a separate family.

List of Myriad Pro styles

Many Microsoft programs use the “4-Face Family” naming convention for a font. The menu is designed assuming a font has four variations associated with it: Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic.

Regular will appear in the font menu, while Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic are selected with the Italic and Bold style buttons in the Type Control Bar.

Bold and italic buttons in a word processing program

For a font with many variations (like Proxima Nova), only a handful of the variations will be listed in the menu - the rest are accessible by the Italic and Bold buttons:

Proxima Nova variations in the menu

Adobe logo

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