Learn what's new in the latest release of Adobe Fresco.

New features

February 2020 release (version 1.3)

Export high-resolution content for free

Undo/Redo improved (on iOS only)

You can now use undo/redo gestures more accurately in Fresco with a 2 finger tap to undo and a 3 finger tap to redo. Turn these gestures off to avoid any inadvertent changes to your artwork. 

Report a bug

Clear layer

Using Clear layer you can quickly clear all the contents on a layer. You can find this option under the Layer actions.

Refill color

Recolor with the Fill tool

With Preserve transparency toggled on in Fill, tap to recolor any pixel stroke while maintaining opacity.

Touch shortcuts in Windows

Long press or double-tap on the eraser icon in tool panel to access a set of pixel or vector erasers. Pixel erasers and options appear when a pixel layer is selected. Vector erasers and options appear when a vector layer is selected. 

Color libraries

Get precise

Use the new nudge option in transform. When transforming a layer or selection, you can tap outside of the transform bounding box to move one pixel over in any direction, or hold the touch shortcut to move ten pixels at a time.

Export high-resolution content for free

Share a link 

In Cloud documents, tap on the More Options  
icon  on any document thumbnail to share a link to the latest version of the document. Your  cloud documents  are  stored  with full fidelity.  You get both quality and convenience with cloud  documents.

Export high-resolution content for free

Import PSB files

You can now import large Photoshop files with .PSB format into Fresco. 

Previous releases of Fresco

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