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March 2021 release (version 2.3)

Scroll the zoom percentage box sideways to adjust the magnification
Art by Wade Acuff

Scroll to zoom

Tap the zoom percentage box and scroll sideways to adjust the magnification.

Photoshop brushes as small as one pixel
Art by Erica Williams

Smaller Photoshop brushes

Adjust the size of your Photoshop brushes all the way down to one pixel.

Copy text without losing any formatting
Art by Berwyn Mure

Copy text formatting

Retain the formatting when copying text between layers and drawings.

Send artwork to Illustrator directly on Windows
Art by Kervin Brisseaux

Send artwork to Illustrator (Windows only)

Send your artwork directly from Fresco to Illustrator on desktop for further editing.

Reduced brush stroke latency on Windows
Art by PeiHsin-Cho

Reduced stroke latency (Windows only)

Experience faster response with your brush strokes.

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