Animate crashes on launch in Windows 10

Issue: Animate crashes on launch in Windows 10 update 1803

Animate crashes during launch on Windows 10 update 1803 if there are more than 1167 fonts installed on the system.  


Windows 10 Update 1803.


This issue has been fixed in the July 2018 update to Animate. Update your copy of Animate to the latest using the instructions provided in Update Creative Cloud apps. For information about installing Animate, see Download and install Creative Cloud apps

In this hot fix update, Text > Font menu item has been removed as this is an OS menu and may exceed 1167 items based on the number of fonts installed on the system. As an alternative, use the Font Family drop down in Property Inspector to choose Fonts. 

  1. Add a text object on stage.

  2. Select the text in the text object.

  3. In Property Inspector, Character section, you can click the Font Family drop-down list.

    This drop-down list loads all the Fonts installed on the machine similar to Text > Font option. 


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