ColdFusion (2018 release) Performance Monitoring Toolset Update 2

Read on to know what's new and changed in Update 2 of ColdFusion (2018 release) Performance Monitoring Toolset.

Datastore enhancements

Elasticsearch already supports SSL and Authentication, but in earlier releases, Elasticsearch used SSL and Authentication, then ColdFusion and Performance Monitoring Toolset were unable to communicate with Elasticsearch.

In this release, ColdFusion and Performance Monitoring Toolset can communicate with Datastore when it’s running over SSL and using Authentication.

When Datastore runs over SSL and uses Authentication, it remains secured.

For more information, see Authentication and SSL support in Datastore.

Delete data from Datastore

In the Purge section, there is a new tab Datastore.

Here you can see all data based on indices, which is data grouped by date. In an index, a full day’s data is stored.

You can also delete an index to free up disk space. You can delete the request indices for the Datastore. Typically, you’d delete an index to free up system space.

You can also delete a specific index from the list. To delete any index in the table, click Delete.

Delete data on a schedule

You can use the scheduler to delete data periodically. The depends on the frequency and data older than options, and based on the values defined, the scheduler will run and will delete data, which is older than the specified amount of days.

The scheduler, in this example, executes every day and deletes data that is older than seven days.

By default, the value for data deletion scheduler is 7 and 1 days. The data deletion scheduler is disabled by default.

Clear alerts

Clear all alerts that you receive. To delete the alerts, navigate to the Alerts raised page, and click the bin icon.

Clear a single alert by selecting the alert and clicking the Bin button.

Also choose multiple alerts and clear all by clicking the Bin button (highlighted). This will clear all the alerts in the system.

Note: You can select up to 100 alerts at a time.

Capture requests that exceed a certain threshold

In the Advanced monitoring section, you can capture only those requests that exceed a specified threshold. A case in point is you want to log requests that take more than 30 seconds.

Issues fixed in this release

Bug ID



If you set a value of threads to be busy before an alert, you get a notification even if not all thosethreads have been busy for the allocated time. 


Performance Monitoring Toolset fails to start the service from the Windows service managerafter adding many instances. 


In Dashboard > Settings > Node > Alerts > Settings, you cannot add email ids separated by a comma.


There are issues when registering a node in a group if the name of the group contains a space.


Provide support for update workflows in ColdFusion (2018 release) Performance Monitoring Toolset.



Note: On 64-bit computers, use 64-bit JRE for 64-bit Performance Monitoring Toolset.

If the Performance Monitoring Toolset server is behind a proxy, specify the proxy settings for the server to get the update notification and download the updates. Specify proxy settings using the system properties below in the jvm.config, or provide the proxy settings in Performance Monitoring Toolset dashboard (Settings > Updates > Settings)

  • http.proxyHost
  • http.proxyPort
  • http.proxyUser
  • http.proxyPassword


  • Apply Update 11 on ColdFusion (2018 release) first. Then install the update for Performance Monitoring Toolset. The location of the update is: <cf_instal_home>/cfusion/hf-updates/hf-2018-00011-326016/PMT-hotfix.
  • The update can be installed through the command-line option.
  • If you get the following error when installing the update using the Download or Download and Install option, ensure that the folder {pmt_install_home}/hf-updates has write permission: "Error occurred while installing PMT update. Please try again."
  • The backup is located at {pmt_install_home}/hf-updates/ hf-2018-00002-326016 /backup.

Installing the update manually

  1. Click the link to download the JAR. The MD5 checksum is: 252805e642066017280ae5a97908dd6b
  2. Execute the following command on the downloaded JAR. You must have privileges to start or stop Performance Monitoring Toolset and Datastore services.

    Windows: <pmt_install_home>/jre/bin/java.exe -jar <jar-file-dir>/hotfix-002-326016.jar

    Linux-based platforms: <pmt_install_home>/jre/bin/java -jar <jar-file-dir>/hotfix-002-326016.jar

Ensure that the JRE bundled with Performance Monitoring Toolset is used for executing the downloaded JAR. 

Install the update from a user account that has permissions to restart Performance Monitoring Toolset and Datastore services.

Post installation


After applying this update, the ColdFusion Performance Monitoring Toolset build number should be 2018,0,2,326016.


To uninstall the update, perform one of the following:

  • In Performance Monitoring Toolset Dashboard, click Uninstall in Settings Updates Installed Updates.
  • Run the uninstaller for the update from the command prompt. For example, java -jar {pmt_install_home}/hf-updates/hf-2018-00002-326016/uninstall/uninstaller.jar


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