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Accessibility in Fresco

Learn how to use accessibility features in Adobe Fresco that make it inclusive and accessible for users with various abilities.

Accessibility of software involves features that help people with visual, auditory, speech, motor, cognitive, and mobile disabilities use it with less difficulty.

For Fresco users who need accessibility features, the application offers tooltips support, keyboard navigation, custom implementation, and screen reading accessibility support. 

The order of accessibility is from top to bottom and left to right.

Support for screen readers

A screen reader recites text that appears on the computer screen. It also reads non-textual information, such as the application's button labels or image descriptions, provided in accessibility tags or attributes. 

Windows (Narrator)

Enable your computer's screen reader (Narrator).

  1. Type Narrator in the search box of your computer.

  2. Select Narrator. A pop-up window opens, and the narrator can announce the text associated with the hovered item.

  3. Select OK.

To turn off Narrator, press   + Ctrl Enter.

Narrator dialog box in Windows
Narrator in Windows

iOS (VoiceOver)

Enable the screen reader (VoiceOver) on your iOS device.

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver.

  2. The VoiceOver will be able to focus on the elements and announce their names.

Setting dialog to enable VoiceOver in iOS
VoiceOver in iOS

Custom interaction with canvas

Use VoiceOver for customizing interaction with the canvas in iOS when the VoiceOver is on. Once you enable VoiceOver, a hand icon   appears and is added automatically to the taskbar. You can control canvas interaction with this when VoiceOver is active. You can toggle on to interact with the canvas to perform gestures and toggle off to stop the interaction with the canvas.

This icon   is automatically dismissed when you switch off VoiceOver.

Support for tooltips and keyboard navigation

Explore the accessibility-friendly features of Fresco.


When you hover your mouse or stylus over tools, buttons, taskbar, toolbar, and other UI names, it displays its name and its keyboard shortcuts to use them seamlessly. You can customize the Layer's name, and the name shows up when you hover the mouse or the stylus over that layer.

The Tooltips work well with the user interface, the custom implementation of the layers, and the touch shortcut.

Keyboard navigation

To navigate the app using the keyboard, open the app and press Tab to toggle. A blue focus ring appears on the user interface.

  • Press Tab to move forward and Shift + Tab to move backward.
  • Press Enter or Space key to select the options. The options that have a submenu will open a pop-up. The focus ring now remains in the pop-up, not outside. Use arrow keys, or Tab or Shift + Tab to navigate through the submenu.
  • Press the Space key to toggle and select checkboxes.
  • Press Esc to return to the option that invoked the pop-up.

For more information about keyboard shortcuts, see Keyboard shortcuts in Fresco.

You can access the user interface but not the canvas using the keyboard.

Custom implementation of Layers

Bring the focus on Layers using the Tab key. You can traverse through the list using arrow keys. Press the right arrow key to enter the group of layers. To go back to the parent layer group, press left arrow key. You can swipe in and out for the masking of layers.

Custom implementation of Touch shortcut

Bring the focus on the Touch shortcut (`) using the Tab key. Press Enter to activate or deactivate the Touch shortcut. The Touch shortcut is available in two states- Primary and Secondary. By default, the primary state is activated. Use right arrow key to activate the secondary and left arrow key to revert to the primary state.

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