Learn about the Adobe Fresco features supported on iPad and Windows devices.

 -  Supported.   -  Not supported.  -  Partially supported. 

Feature iPad Windows devices Notes
Vector brushes  
Pixel brushes  
Live brushes  
Brush settings  
Straight edge
Transform, eyedropper, and fill tools  
Stylus support On the Microsoft Surface device, the barrel button is not supported. 
Customizable UI  
Undo/Redo improved

Fullscreen mode  
Dark mode
Touch Shortcut  
In-app name and avatar editing Edit your profile on accounts.adobe.com https://account.adobe.com/profile.
Import images   
Color libraries  
Cloud documents
Photoshop & Fresco interoperability  
Use Fresco artwork in Illustrator If you've created your artwork with vector brushes in Fresco, you can export the artwork as a PDF and edit it in Illustrator.
Sketch/Draw manual project import Coming soon: The ability to manually import Sketch/Draw projects using assets web.
Publish to Behance Export your artwork from Fresco on Microsoft Surface device, save a copy on your desktop, and then publish it to Behance.
Discover: Browse Fresco artwork on Behance

Partially supported on Microsoft Surface - Users can navigate to the Web to view the Fresco artwork and streams on Behance.

You can browse Fresco artwork using the following direct links: https://www.behance.net/live/adobe-fresco https://www.behance.net/galleries/Fresco

Publish, export, and share  
Report a bug

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