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Adobe Muse is no longer adding new features and will discontinue support on March 26, 2020. For detailed information and assistance, see Adobe Muse end-of-service FAQ.

Adobe Muse is now integrated with Adobe Comp CC, an app that is available on your iPhones and iPads. Comp CC lets you explore layout possibilities, and seeks to bridge the gap between mobiles and desktops for creating layouts. With the integration of Comp CC with Adobe Muse, you can start creating your layout using your iPad or iPhone, and place the finishing touches on your desktop using Adobe Muse.

Comp CC integration with Adobe Muse allows you to create, lay out, send, and finalize wireframes for your sites very quickly. You can instantly bring your layout to Adobe Muse, and finalize your wireframes with your clients.

For more information on Comp CC, see Adobe Comp CC - Real layouts, Real fast.

Download and install Adobe Comp CC

Before you begin, download and install Adobe Comp CC.

  1. On your iPad, open the iTunes App Store.
  2. Search for Adobe Comp CC.
  3. Press Get and then, Install to install Adobe Comp CC on your iPad.
  4. Sign in to your Creative Cloud account to begin using Adobe Comp CC.

Use Comp CC to create layouts

You can use Comp CC to create wireframes or layouts for your Adobe Muse websites. This app is useful when you want to iterate your site layout to a client, or when you want to quickly create a mockup of your website. Comp also gives you the freedom to experiment with various layouts before finalizing the layout in Adobe Muse.

Comp CC allows you to add components like rectangles, image placeholders, or text boxes by using hand gestures. For example, you can draw a rectangle with a few lines to get a placeholder text box. Comp CC converts these gestures into crisp graphics, enabling you to complete your layout within minutes.

Add image placeholders, text, graphics to your Comp CC layout
Add image placeholders, text, graphics to your Comp CC layout

Comp CC is also integrated with Creative Cloud. So, you can pull in vector shapes, images, graphics, colors, and text styles from CC Libraries, and professional fonts from Adobe Typekit for your site layout.  

You can also create interactive assets like Maps or Contact Forms using Adobe Muse and use it in Comp CC. Simply drag your interactive assets into CC Libraries, and use the same widget in Comp CC.

Add objects from Creative Cloud
Add objects to your layout using Creative Cloud

To view some layout ideas that you can use in Comp CC, see this link.

Bring the layout to Adobe Muse

You can bring the layout to Adobe Muse by clicking Share > Send to Muse CC from Comp CC. When you switch over to Adobe Muse, you can instantly access your Comp layout in Adobe Muse.

Send layout to Muse from Comp CC
Bring the layout from Comp CC to Adobe Muse

Complete your layout in Adobe Muse

After you send your Comp layout to Adobe Muse, the layout is instantly available for editing in Adobe Muse. You can edit components like text, graphics, or character styles within Adobe Muse.

If you had added objects like Contact forms or Google Maps to your layout, you can configure these objects after bringing your layout into Adobe Muse. For example, you can configure the location in the Google Maps widget using Adobe Muse.

Configure widgets that were created using Adobe Muse
Configure objects created using Adobe Muse

If you had used an object that is not supported in Adobe Muse for your layout, the object is simply converted to a vector image. You cannnot edit or configure these images after your bring your layout to Adobe Muse.

Apart from editing you can also use the Preview option in Adobe Muse to preview your layout as and when you make changes.

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