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Create a report

Adobe Acrobat Sign Services for business and enterprise service plans can run a report on transactions sent from users in the account. The report produces various graphs showing the signature percentage and the average time to sign. You can also export a CSV file with the raw data generated from the report.


Reports on transaction volume can be complex given the types of activities that count as transactions. Please refer to Understand Transaction Consumption in your Adobe Acrobat Sign Account for a full breakdown.

A set of transaction-specific reports is anticipated in the June 2023 release using the new reporting environment.

  1. To generate a report, click the Report tab, then click Create a New Report.

  2. Set the various parameters to affect the resulting report and click Run Report. You can find account parameters in the next section.

    Run report

  3. The report results page opens, displaying the information based on your parameters.


    Bar graphs are only available in the English US and English UK locales.

    Non-English locales do not support graphs.

Report parameters

  • Interval

    The Interval section allows you to collect data from predefined time frames or a custom date range.

  • Users & Groups

    Users & Groups allows you to choose specific users or groups to collect information from.

  • Documents 

    The documents area allows you to specify certain library documents that have been sent out.

  • Document name

    This option allows you to include parts of the document name in the report search.

  • Send in bulk

    Select this option if you want to include Send in Bulk transactions in your report.

    Send in Bulk

  • Miscellaneous report data

    The last four settings found on the page are to change or visually alter the resulting report and related graphs.

Report data and options

  • Update report with current data

    This link refreshes the report to include recent transactions.

  • Save Report

    Save Report allows you to save this report. You can access it again by clicking the Reports tab.

  • Share Report

    This option allows you to share this specific report with an e-mail address and includes a custom message.

  • Schedule Report

    Schedule Report uses the current report's settings to set up an automatic recurring report that is generated daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also choose the recipients that you want to send the recurring report to.

  • Export Report Data

    Click Export Report Data to download a CSV file with the raw data generated in the report.


    By default, field data is not contained in the report .CSV file. If you want to export the field data from signed agreements, the admin of your account needs to open a ticket with Support.

  • Printer-Friendly Report

    Printer-Friendly Report serves up a version of the report better formatted for printing.

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