Downloadable plug-ins, integrations, and in-app extensions in Adobe XD

Learn how to use plug-ins and work with in-app extensions and external integrations.

The Plug-in Manager within Adobe XD features many free plug-ins and extensions from Adobe and third-party developers. These plug-ins help you create special image effects and optimize workflows. To get started with  plug-ins, see Plug-ins for Adobe XD and Create and manage plug-ins.

XD also supports external integrations and in-app extensions to provide a complete solution for designers and stakeholders. To get started with integrations, see XD integrations.

  • Categories of workflow integrations:
    • Import workflows: import from an external content provider or a design system or a style guide.
    • Publish workflows: save to asset archive and share with stakeholders.
    • Inter-app workflows: automate repeat workflows, new features to existing workflows such as translating text notes within a document.
    • Collaboration workflows: cross-collaborative applications such as JIRA, and Trello.

What plug-ins, integrations, and in-app extensions are available in XD?


For information on how to view, manage, and install plug-ins, see Create and manage plug-ins.








Integration instructions


Developers can access the latest design specs and assets


  • Designers can attach prototypes to JIRA tasks/issues for easy developer access.
  • Speedy development with included specs, assets and guides directly within the prototype
  • Ensure version control with automatic updates.

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