Feature summary | Lightroom Classic (February 2020 release)

Learn about some major new features and enhancements in the February 2020 (version 9.2) release of Lightroom Classic.

Raw defaults

Improved Raw Default Settings

Streamline your edit workflow with custom default import settings for raw file images.

PSB file support

PSB file support

Import, catalog, and edit PSB files within Lightroom Classic.

Support for new cameras and lenses

Support for new cameras and lenses

Find the full list of supported cameras and lens profiles.


Other enhancements

Find information about other new enhancements in this release.

Improved Raw Default Settings

With this release, we have added the ability to easily configure default settings for raw images in Lightroom Classic. The default settings will affect how images are processed during import and can be observed when you click the Reset button in the Develop module. You can set the defaults to the following:

Adobe Default - Uses Adobe default settings

Camera Settings - Uses the in-camera settings or profiles as-shot

Presets - Uses an Adobe or custom preset of your choice

You can apply the settings via:

Master - Applies the selected default for all raw images

Camera - Applies default based on specific camera models

Selecting Show serial number will allow you to specify different settings for multiple cameras of the same camera model based on the serial number.

RAw defaults
Set-up and manage raw default settings


Raw default settings made prior to version 9.2 will not be migrated when you update to Lightroom Classic 9.2. All the previous settings for already imported images will be retained but all the default settings will reset to Adobe Color. If you need your previous default settings, it is recommended to configure new default settings after updating to Lightroom Classic 9.2.

For more information, see Set-up raw defaults.

PSB file support

You can now import, catalog, and edit Large Document format (PSB) file in Lightroom Classic. PSB file in Lightroom Classic supports documents up to 65,000 pixels in long edge and a maximum dimension of 512 megapixels. Camera Raw 12.2 is required to use Lightroom Classic's Edit in Photoshop feature with PSB images.

For more information, see Supported file formats.

Support for new cameras and lenses

For a full list of supported cameras and lens profiles, see these resources:

Other enhancements

Choose monitor for secondary window

With this release, there is an option to select a monitor for the secondary display when multiple monitors are available. To choose a monitor for the secondary window, do the following:

  1. In Lightroom Classic, choose Lightroom Classic > Preferences (macOS) or Edit > Preferences (Windows).
  2. Select the Display tab and choose a monitor for the secondary window.
Secondary monitor
Choose monitor for secondary window

Auto Sync improvements

Now, while making changes to the Develop settings with Auto Sync turned on, the Auto Sync button will be prominently visible. This is to easily and quickly check when Auto Sync is enabled and avoid syncing of Develop settings on all the selected images by mistake. Also, when you hover over the Auto Sync button, a tooltip displays the number of images on which the develop settings will be applied.

Auto sync

A notification is also displayed stating that the setting has been applied to the images.

Auto sync notifications

To disable these notifications, navigate to Lightroom Classic > Preferences > Interface (macOS) or Edit > Preferences > Interface (Windows) and deselect Show Auto Sync notifications.

Auto sync preferences

Photoshop Elements 2020 support

With this release, you can now import Photoshop Elements 2020 catalog into Lightroom Classic.

For more information, see Import photos from Photoshop Elements.

GPU Accelerated Editing for Lens Correction and Transform

Expanding on our GPU support, we have added full GPU acceleration for Lens Correction and Transform adjustments.

eGPU Empowered Enhance Details for macOS 10.15

Enhance Details now leverages external GPUs on macOS 10.15 (Catalina) for faster processing.

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