Set up Lightroom for sync

Important: To update to the latest version of Lightroom, you must have a subscription to Creative Cloud or the Photoshop Photography Program. You can also download Lightroom for a free trial.

  1. Click Help > Updates. Ensure that you are running the latest version of Lightroom.

  2. Click the Activity Center at the upper-left corner of the screen. Sign in to Lightroom desktop with your Adobe ID.

    Lightroom Activity Center
    The activity center is at the upper-left corner of the Lightroom desktop interface.

  3. On the Lightroom on mobile Sign In page, enter your Adobe ID and password, and then click Sign In.

  4. Click the Activity Center and ensure that the Sync with Lightroom mobile option is turned on.

    Sync with Lightroom mobile option in Activity Center


On the Sign in screen, you might get an option to choose between a personal or an enterprise account. For more information, see Switch from Adobe ID to Enterprise ID.

Set up Collections

To sync with Lightroom for mobile clients, photographs must be in Collections. Photos within a synced Collection are automatically available on your mobile device and Lightroom Web.

  1. While creating Collections, in the Create Collection dialog, select the Sync With Lightroom Mobile check box.

    Sync with Lightroom Mobile option in Create Collection dialog
    Setting up a new Collection for sync

  2. If you have existing Collections, you can set them up to sync with Lightroom for mobile, too.

    Sync icon in Lightroom Collection panel
    Click the Sync icon to ensure that the pictures in the Collections are synced with your device

    A. Non-synced Collection B. Synced Collection (bi-directional arrow icon) 


    You can also right click an existing Collection, and click Sync With Lightroom Mobile from the context menu.

  3. To stop a Collection from syncing with your device, do one of the following in the Collections panel:

    • Click the sync icon next to the name of the Collection.
    • Right-click a Collection and deselect Sync With Lightroom Mobile from the context menu.
    Stop Syncing these photos warning in Lightroom
    Warning that appears when you choose to stop syncing a Collection with Lightroom for mobile

Lightroom for mobile preferences

Settings for Lightroom for mobile sync features are available in the Preferences folder. To access the Preferences dialog, choose Edit (Win)/Lightroom (Mac) menu > Preferences > Lightroom mobile tab.

Preference dialog for setting sync preferences with Lightroom mobile
Lightroom mobile preferences


On the Lightroom Mobile preferences tab, you can view more information about your account. You can also delete synced information. Delete All Data deletes all information about your photos from Lightroom for mobile, including previews, metadata, and develop settings. However, it doesn't delete your original photos. They remain on the machine and aren't affected. All the collections are also preserved, but their Lightroom mobile sync settings are reset.


You can select Prevent System Sleep During Sync option to stop your computer from sleeping while Lightroom desktop is syncing images with your Lightroom for mobile.


By default, Lightroom desktop syncs your Lightroom mobile images at:

  • (Win) C:\Users\[user name]\Pictures 
  • (Mac) /Users/[user name]/Pictures

You can use the following options to choose a preferred location for Lightroom mobile images and also specify a folder structure.

Specify Location for Lightroom Mobile Images

Select this option to choose a preferred path for the mobile downloads.

Use Subfolders Formatted By Capture Date

Select this option to choose a preferred subfolder format for downloading mobile images within the location specified above.  


Lightroom for mobile is not a backup service. Lightroom desktop does not sync your original raw files to the cloud and to Lightroom for mobile. Lightroom desktop creates and syncs images to the cloud in the form of Smart Previews. Smart Previews are smaller versions of your original files, roughly 1.5 or 2 MB in size, and retain all the flexibility of a raw file. Changes made to Smart Previews automatically sync with your originals.

Access synced Lightroom photos in Adobe Creative Cloud mobile app

Photos within the synced collections in Lightroom CC on your desktop are automatically available in other Lightroom mobile clients and Adobe Creative Cloud mobile app.

To sync your Lightroom collections with Adobe Creative Cloud mobile app: 

  1. In Lightroom CC on your desktop, ensure that Sync With Lightroom Mobile option is 'on'.

    See Set up Lightroom for sync for details.  

  2. In the Collections panel, ensure that Sync With Lightroom Mobile option is set for those collections that you want to sync.

    See Set up Collections for details.   

  3. Open Adobe Creative Cloud app on your Android or iOS mobile device and sign in with your Adobe ID.

  4. In the Creative Cloud app, access the sidebar menu and then tap My Assets

    Choose My Assets in the Creative Cloud mobile app
  5. Navigate to the Lightroom tab. 

    Synced Lightroom collections in the Creative Cloud mobile app.
    Synced Lightroom collections in the Creative Cloud mobile app.

    You can access all the synced Lightroom collections in this tab.


    Creative Cloud mobile app only displays those photos that are part of a synced collection in Lightroom CC on your desktop. Photos in a Smart Collection are not synced.

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