Known issues in Dreamweaver

Learn about the known issues and limitations in the latest release of Dreamweaver.

June 2022 release (version 21.3)

  • Unable to connect to SHA1-based algorithms for SFTP connections.

       Workaround: Find use SFTP legacy algorithms from the config file.

  • Mac Only: Unable to drag and drop selected code in code view.

October 2021 release (version 21.2)

  • Live view goes blank when a webpage has an invalid URL in the iFrame’s src.

    Workaround: Specify correct src URL with the transfer protocols like http etc.

  • Media containers with H264/H265, VP9/VP8, .aac codecs and Flash based media files(.swf, .flv) will not be played in live view.

  • iFrame content displays blank after undo/redo workflow in live view after performing DOM panel or Live view operations like Copy/Paste, Duplicate etc.

    Work-around: Refresh live view or re-open the file.

  • Pressing Esc key does not dismiss the Live view HUDs.

    Workaround: Click outside the HUD to dismiss the pop-up.

  • Mac Only: Cannot invoke Apple menu when focus is in Code view.


    1. Quit Dreamweaver.

    2. Change the default keyboard shortcut of “Move focus to the menu bar” to something  else, containing either of  the keys Cmd/Ctrl/Option listed in the combination, setting is available under System Preferences - Keyboard - Shortcuts - Keyboard section. 

    3. Change the keyboard shortcut of “Move focus to the menu bar” back to default Ctrl+F2.

January 2021 release (version 21.1)

  • Empty dialog box appears instead of the below message when incorrect credential is provided within Configure RDS Server dialog box:

Unable to resolve host. The URL appears to be invalid.

  • In code view, the code color might not appear when the latest version of Dreamweaver is installed within updated Mac OSX 11 Big Sur.

Workaround: In the Preferences dialog, change the code view font available within Fonts tab.

  • [macOS] In live view, selected text is not wrapped in <a> tag after browsing the target page.
  • On downloading and inserting Ai files from Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries panel, SVG option is unavailable in file format options list.
  • In Code Inspector, context menu operations are applied on code view, when code view is visible.
  • [macOS 11.0] Close button to dismiss the Find and Replace dialog is not available.

Workaround: Press Esc key to dismiss the Find and Replace dialog.

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