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You can download your app from the Creative Cloud website. If prompted, sign in to your Adobe account, then click either Download or Install for your app. For more information, see Download your Creative Cloud apps.


Premiere Rush is available on a variety of iOS devices and Android phones.

For a list of supported devices, see System requirements.

For solutions to a "failed to install" error, see Error: "Failed to install" Creative Cloud desktop app. To resolve other download, installation, and update issues, see this download and installation troubleshooting guide.

Note: Adobe Creative Cloud services are currently not supported in Premiere Rush in China. As a result, Premiere Rush is not available in this region.

Yes! This free plan is available to anyone with a free Creative Cloud membership. It includes access to simple yet powerful video tools in Premiere Rush on mobile and desktop, including unlimited free exports, a built-in library of royalty-free audio, fully customizable animated titles, and 2 GB of Cloud Storage. Start Premiere Rush for free here

Read these simple solutions to common Adobe ID and sign in issues to regain access to your account.

You can install Premiere Rush and other Creative Cloud apps on up to two computers. If you want to install it on a third computer, you need to deactivate it on one of your previous machines. Learn more about activating and deactivating Creative Cloud apps.

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Still need help? Find more download and install solutions

Sign in to your Adobe account. Under the Password section, select Change for Current Password, and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Forgot your password? Learn how to reset it.

Purchased Premiere Rush on iOS? See Manage Adobe Premiere Rush subscriptions on iOS.

Purchased Premiere Rush on Google Play Store? See Manage Adobe Premiere Rush subscriptions on Android.

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Still need help? Find more account, billing, and plan answers.

For information on supported systems, see the System Requirements.

For information on managing your cloud storage, or upgrading your storage, see Upgrade storage for Adobe Premiere Rush.

You may sometimes see a green and pink haze while editing your video in Premiere Rush or in the exported project. This issue could occur because of driver compatibility issues, and you may need to upgrade your driver. 

For more information on fixing this issue, see Green and pink video in Premiere Pro or Premiere Rush.

All changes you make in Premiere Rush on your iOS device sync automatically with Premiere Rush on the desktop. Any changes make in the desktop are synced to mobile as well, so you always have access to your latest edits wherever you go.

If you are not able to see your latest changes in another device, use the troubleshooting tips listed in Troubleshoot synchronization issues.

In some scenarios, you may be unable to access some services - such as the ability to create a project, or sync projects between devices. This issue may occur because of temporary server outages or Internet disruption. For more information, see Why are some services not working within my Creative Cloud app?


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