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What's new in RoboHelp (2022 release) Update 4

  1. RoboHelp User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. Get to know RoboHelp workspace
    2. What's new in RoboHelp 2022 release
      1. What's new in Update 4
      2. What's new in Update 3
      3. What's new in Update 2
      4. What's new in Update 1
    3. Fixed Issues in RoboHelp
    4. RoboHelp System Requirements
    5. Download RoboHelp on Windows and macOS
    6. Download and install Adobe app
    7. RoboHelp FAQs
    8. What's new in RoboHelp 2020 release
      1. What's new in Update 8
      2. What's new in Update 7
      3. What's new in Update 6
      4. What's new in Update 5
      5. What's new in Update 4
      6. What's new in Update 3
      7. What's new in Update 2
      8. What's new in Update 1
  3. Projects
    1. Plan your RoboHelp project
    2. Create a project
    3. Manage projects
    4. Work with topics and folders
    5. Generate reports
    6. Work with context-sensitive help
    7. Manage References
    8. Set preferences in RoboHelp
  4. Collaborate with authors
    1. Collaborate using Git
    2. Collaborate using SharePoint Online
    3. Collaborate using Azure DevOps (Team Foundation Server)
  5. PDF Layout
    1. PDF templates
    2. Design a page layout
    3. Publish PDF output
    4. Work with the common content styles
    5. Components of a PDF template
    6. Support for language variables
    7. Customize PDFs
  6. Editing and formatting
    1. Format your content
    2. Create and manage cross-references
    3. Create and manage links
    4. Single-source with snippets
    5. Work with images and multimedia
    6. Create and use variables for easy updates
    7. Work with Variable Sets
    8. Use Find and Replace
    9. Auto save your content
    10. Side-by-side editing in Split View
    11. Use the Spell Check feature
    12. Create and Edit Bookmarks
    13. Insert and update fields
    14. Switch between multiple views
    15. Autonumbering in CSS
  7. Import and linking
    1. Import Markdown files into a project
    2. Import Word documents into a project
    3. Import FrameMaker documents into a project
  8. TOCs, indexes, glossaries, and citations
    1. Create and manage a Table of Contents
    2. Create and manage an index
    3. Create and manage a glossary
    4. Create and manage citations
    5. Create and manage browse sequences
    6. Work with See Also and Related Topics
  9. Conditional content
    1. What is conditional content
    2. Create and apply condition tags
    3. Configure output presets for conditional content
    4. Optimize and manage conditional content
  10. Microcontent
    1. Microcontent
  11. Review and Collaboration
    1. Review and Collaboration
  12. Translation
    1. Translating content to multiple languages
    2. Configure a translation framework for a service provider
  13. Generating output
    1. Generate output
    2. Generate Frameless output
    3. Generate Knowledge Base output
    4. Generate PDF output
    5. Generate Responsive HTML5 output
    6. Generate Word Document output
    7. Generate Content Only output
    8. Generate eBook output
    9. Generate Microsoft HTML Help output
    10. Generate Mobile App output
  14. Publish output
    1. Publish to a RoboHelp Server
    2. Publish to an FTP server, a Secure FTP server, or a File System
    3. Publish to SharePoint Online
    4. Publish to Zendesk Help Center
    5. Publish to Salesforce Knowledge Base
    6. Publish to ServiceNow Knowledge Base
    7. Publish to Zoho Knowledge Base
    8. Publish to Adobe Experience Manager
    9. Publish to Atlassian Confluence Knowledge Base
  15. Appendix
    1. Adobe RoboHelp Scripting Reference
    2. RoboHelp keyboard shortcuts

RoboHelp (September 2022 release) Update 4 introduces improvements, such as a redesigned variable editor, an enhanced images report, PDF enhancements, and fixes for SharePoint and publishing issues.

For the complete list of fixes, visit Fixed issues in RoboHelp.

In this document,

Install the update

Ensure that you've an active Internet connection.

To install Update 4 of the 2022 release of RoboHelp, select Help > Check for Updates.

Then follow the instructions.


The above-mentioned update process isn't applicable for users on Update 1 of RoboHelp (2022 release). If you're using Update 1, you must manually download and install Update 4 from here: Windows and macOS.

For more information, view this community post.

Enhanced Variable and Variable Set editor

Previously, accessing the Variables panel from the Author tab and Variable Sets from the Output tab resulted in frequent switching between the Author and Output tabs. Update 4 of RoboHelp brings a thorough revamp to the Variable and Variable Sets editor to give you a single place to manage your variables and variable sets. User Interface of Variable and Variable Sets editors has now been merged. That streamlines the process of managing both directly from the Author tab. Additionally, the tabular view provides a quick and simple display of all Variables, various Variable Sets, and their respective values, allowing you to easily view and edit multiple variables at once.

For more information view, Create and use variables for easy update.

enhanced variable and variable set editor
Variable and Variable Sets editor

Easy access to Sample Projects from Welcome screen

Using RoboHelp 2022 Update 4, you can now easily access the sample projects from the Welcome screen. You can choose from the three sample projects—About RoboHelp, Compass Travel, and FintecNEWS  from the Welcome screen to explore and familiarize yourself with the various features available in RoboHelp.

For more information regarding sample projects, view Work with sample projects.

sample project
Open Sample Project

Enhanced Images report showing Alt Text for images

Managing a project with lots of images can be challenging particularly in terms of identifying those images that lack alt text. RoboHelp 2022 Update 4 focuses on the increasing importance of accessibility. Hence an Alt Text column has been added to enhance the Images report. This enhancement enables you to easily view and verify alt text for all the images at one glance. Additionally, you can also use the Alt Text filter in the Settings panel to filter the images based on whether their alt text is empty or non-empty.

For more information, view Images reports.

alt text column for images report
Alt Text column added to Images report

Enhancements to PDF output

There have been several enhancements to PDF output, which include:

  • Setting page order and number of pages per sheet
  • Hyperlinking Glossary page in PDF output
  • Disabling chapter AutoNumbering in TOC
  • Resetting the page number of only the first occurrence of a Page Layout

Setting Page Order and number of pages per sheet

With RoboHelp Update 4, you can now specify the page order and control the number of pages you want on a particular sheet of the PDF output. You can choose from predefined page order options or create your custom order. Page order allows you to print a booklet kind of output, where by collating, folding, and stapling the sheets, you can create a single book with pages in the correct sequence. You can also define the number of pages you can print on a single sheet, allowing you to create outputs like three-fold pamphlets.

For more information, view Page Organization.

page organization and page order
Setting Page Order and number of pages per sheet

Hyperlnking glossary page in native PDF output

With the latest update, you can add any Glossary term into a topic and hyperlink it to the Glossary page in the PDF output. This functionality creates a link within the PDF output, allowing you to click the term and be directed to the Glossary page to read the definition, ensuring a smooth experience. For more information, view Link glossary terms to glossary page.

hyperlinking glossary page
Link glossary terms to the Glossary page

Disabling chapter AutoNumbering in TOC

Often, there's a preference not to display the chapter autonumber in the Table of Contents in the PDF output as dictated by the stylesheet. With this update, you can display chapter names without chapter autonumbers in the TOC by simply deselecting the Do not show chapter autonumber in the TOC option in the Template > Settings > General.

For more information view, Do not show chapter autonumber in the TOC.

disable chapter autonumbering in TOC
Disable chapter autonumbering in TOC

Resetting the page number of only the first Occurrence of a Page Layout

Previously, you could reset the page number of the initial page in any layout. This used to reset the first page of all instances of that layout. However, the latest RoboHelp update enables you to reset the page number specifically for only the first occurence of any Page Layout, with the following pages being numbered automatically thereafter. For example, if you set the page number to restart from 2 and select the option Apply to the first occurence only, then only the first page of the first chapter will begin from page number 2. Subsequent pages will then continue numbering automatically after 2.

For more information, view Page Numbering Restart.

reset page numbering for first page of first chapter
Reset page number of the first page of the first chapter of a page layout

Bugs fixed in this release

To check the list of bugs that have been fixed in this release, view Fixed issues.

Have a question or an idea?

If you've a question to ask or an idea to share, come and participate in the Adobe RoboHelp Community. We would love to hear from you and address your queries.


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