Take your Premiere Clip videos to the next level by doing more professional-quality edits using Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Clip is a free mobile app that makes it fast and simple to transform clips into beautifully edited videos. Lightweight yet feature-rich, Premiere Clip enables you to make videos where your media is–on your mobile device or iPad. Adobe magic makes your videos look and sound great, bringing Hollywood quality to your fingertips. 

Thanks to CreativeSync, you have access to your Premiere Clip projects across all of your devices. With CreativeSync, you can start a project on one device and pick up where you left off on another device. You can also share your Premiere Clip videos directly on social networks, or send them to Premiere Pro on the desktop for further editing.

Premiere Clip is available as a free download through the iTunes and Google Play app stores. See the FAQ for more information on how to use Premiere Clip to create and edit videos on your mobile device. 

To take your Premiere Clip videos to the next level by doing more nuanced and professional-quality edits, you can export your video project from Premiere Clip to your Creative Cloud account. Adobe Creative Cloud for desktop keeps all the files in sync so that all your changes are reflected on all connected computers and devices. To edit your video project in Premiere Pro, import the project in to Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro opens your project along with all the associated assets, edits, beat markers, and custom Looks you applied in Premiere Clip.

Exporting your Premiere Clip video to Creative Cloud

To share a video between applications such as Premiere Clip and Premiere Pro, export your video project to your Creative Cloud account as follows:

  1. From the top menu bar, tap the Share icon.
  2. Tap Edit in Premiere Pro. Within a few minutes, your project and media will be sent to a Creative Cloud folder.

Note: The media in your project needs to be synced before you can send your project to Premiere Pro.  

Edit in Premiere Pro
  1. The Project Sent message appears after the project is synced to your Creative Cloud account.
Sending Project
Project Sent

Importing your Premiere Clip in to Premiere Pro

You can import your Premiere Clip XML file as a Premiere Pro project to continue editing.

  1. Launch Premiere Pro on your computer (if you are not a paid Creative Cloud member, download a free trial here). From the menu bar, select File > Convert Premiere Clip Project. The AdobePremiereClipExport folder in your Creative Cloud Files containing your exported media and Premiere Clip files opens.
  2. Click on your Premiere Clip project XML file and then click “Open.” Your project - with all of your media and edits - opens as a Premiere Pro project.

Note: When you import a Premiere Clip XML file in to Premiere Pro, Premiere Pro converts it into a Premiere Pro project (.prproj) file and saves it in to the folder that you had last used on the system to save and open Premiere Pro files. 

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