Learn how to set up your Adobe Stock contributor account.

How to create an account

  1. Sign in: Visit the Contributor portal and sign in with your Adobe ID. 

    Sign in page
    Sign in at Adobe Stock
  2. If you don’t have an Adobe ID, sign up for one first.

    Sign up for Adobe ID
    Sign up for an Adobe ID if you don't have one
  3. Next, you are asked if you were a Fotolia contributor: If you were, click Sync my Fotolia account and you will be prompted to enter your Fotolia login credentials to sync with Adobe Stock. If you weren't a Fotolia contributor, proceed to the next step. 

    Fotolia query
    Fotolia contributors sync their account at this step
  4. Click the "Upload my first asset" button and you are ready to begin!


    Upload your tax form in the Contributor Account tab of the portal. For more information click here for our tax FAQ.

Information for Fotolia contributors

If you are a Fotolia contributor, sync your accounts to access your existing catalog of images via the Adobe Stock Contributor portal. You won’t lose access to your Fotolia login after your accounts are synced and you don’t need to load your content again. This process links your Fotolia account information to your Adobe ID. Once your account is synced, you are able to monitor sales, request payouts, upload, and index your content from both Fotolia and the Adobe Stock Contributor portal. 


The sync feature is only offered when you sign in or create an Adobe ID on the Adobe Stock contributor portal for the first time. It is not possible to sync accounts later.

  1. Visit the Contributor portal and sign in with your Adobe ID. 

  2. If you don’t have an Adobe ID, sign up for one first.

  3. If the email address you use to log in to Fotolia matches the email of your Adobe ID, your account is automatically synced the first time you sign into the Adobe Stock portal.

    If your email is different, you are asked if you are registered as a contributor on the Fotolia site. To sync your accounts, enter your Fotolia login . 

    Fotolia sync window
    Fill in your Fotolia information to sync with Adobe Stock

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