How to create a mobile website with Adobe Muse

How to create a mobile website with Adobe Muse

Learn how to create a mobile version of a site by following a step-by-step tutorial. (Try it, 32 min)

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What do I need?

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Create a mobile version of your site.

In this brief introduction, you’ll learn about some of the assets available to you to get started with Adobe Muse and view a preview of the mobile site you’ll be creating.

Muse resources (0:14); Tutorial files (2:20)

Desktop and mobile versions.

In this video, we review the design and functionality of the desktop and mobile versions of the site that we’ll be creating over the course of this tutorial series.

The desktop version (0:17); The mobile version (1:06)

Create the mobile version.

This video starts the hands-on portion of the tutorial series where we begin creating a mobile version of the page using the desktop design assets. We’ll begin by populating the Master Page that will serve as the basis for all the mobile page designs.

Add phone layouts (1:01); The Master Page (1:27); Plan sections (5:31)

Populating content.

In this section, we’ll begin adding active page content using some pre-built library items included in the sample files. We’ll also take a look at some of the included social widgets in Adobe Muse.

Populate links (1:42); Add interactive maps (3:20); Reuse assets (5:46)

Add the finishing touches.

In the final section, we’ll add some finishing touches to the mobile design. Finally, we’ll see how to publish the mobile design, with the option to redirect from the desktop version.

The mobile design (0:12); The navigation colors (1:18); The finished site (2:30)

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Danielle Beaumont

Dani has been managing innovative applications in the web and design space for more than 20 years. She is currently the Principal Product Manager on Adobe Muse, an application that allows visual designers to build rich HTML and CSS-based web sites without writing any code. Before Adobe Muse, Dani served as Group Product Manager for the Web Segment, and as Senior Product Manager for Adobe Fireworks and Macromedia Director.