Project Manager

In the Project Manager section, you can create a workspace that will contain your project files. A workspace is like a file system. The workspace contains the resources (files and folders) that are a part of your application projects.  A workspace may contain multiple projects. Each project is stored in a default workspace. The workspace stores your projects and other metadata. 

Create a workspace

  1. In Project Manager, click Add Project. 

  2. Add the name of the project.

  3. Navigate to the webroot and create a folder. This is the new workspace.

  4. The created workspace now appears in the explorer. Inside the workspace, create a project.

A workspace folder must be a simple folder, to store metadata about the projects. The folder need not be inside the webroot.

You can create a workspace inside/outside wwwroot and add a project inside or outside of that workspace. 

If you want to run project files, the project must be inside the webroot.

Import project from ColdFusion Builder

  1. In Project Manager, click Import Project

  2. Enter the name of the project. 

  3. Browse to the location of the ColdFusion Builder workspace.

  4. Select the project. Click Import.


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