Performance Monitoring Toolset Update 1

Read on to know what's new and changed in Update 1 of ColdFusion (2018 release) Performance Monitoring Toolset.

What's new and changed

Support for HTTPS/SSL

You can access Performance Monitoring Toolset dashboard over secured HTTPS/SSL.

For more information, see HTTPS support.

Tree view of Code Profiler data

You can see the results of a Code Profiler in the form of a tree-like structure in ColdFusion Builder.

For more information, see Code profiler results.

Datastore health monitor

Set alerts and check Datastore health, if any parameter goes beyond a defined threshold.

For more information, see Datastore health monitoring.

Change theme

Switch between a dark and a light theme.

For more information, see Change theme.

Most frequently run queries

See a graph of most frequently run queries and check SQL statistics for the queries.

For more information, see Most frequently run queries.

View tracked and un-tracked servers

You can view both tracked and un-tracked servers in the Topology section.

In the topology, the nodes are color-coded according to their current status.

For more information, see Tracked and un-tracked servers in Topology.

Known issues in this release


Issue #1

Performance Monitoring Toolset fails to start when after installing, you point to JDK 11.


Remove --add-modules=java.xml from jvm.config in <Performance Monitoring Toolset Home>/config/ and restart Performance Monitoring Toolset.

Issue #2

You will be unable to log in to the release version of Performance Monitoring Toolset if the user account is created or modified in the Update 1 of Performance Monitoring Toolset.


Create or reset user account (within after uninstalling Update 1.

Issue #3

On Suse Linux, you cannot install Performance Monitoring Toolset. While installing, after specifying a runtime user, you see the following error message:

"The user account '<user_name>' has root privileges and cannot start Performance Monitoring Toolset or Datastore service(s). To start the service(s), enter a non-root username."


REST data does not get captured for a J2EE node in Performance Monitoring Toolset.


For a J2EE instrance already deployed on application server, add the filter-mapping specified below under 'CF Monitoring Filter mappings' in cfusion/WEB-INF/web.xml. 


When connecting a J2EE server that is running a node on SSL, the error message, Peer not Authenticated, appears.


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