Known issues in this release

  • As part of Code Refactoring, if a CFC or cfm file is renamed, the change is made in all the referenced files, but the files are not saved automatically.
  • There is limited code assist support for cfjava (both tag/script).
  • Code Assist for function names does not work in writeDump.
  • Code navigation does not work for try-catch blocks.
  • Hover text help for member functions is currently not supported.
  • Quick fix does not work if a function is invoked from within the cfc.
  • Color coding for JavaScript's script tag doesn't appear to work as expected.
  • In the Project Manager if you rename a file by changing its case it might not work. Ex: test.cfm -> TEST.cfm.
  • If opening a file from the network drive, code hover might not work in some cases.
  • Support for mapped drives and UNC path is limited to only small-sized projects.
  • When running the Security Analyzer, icons for actions "Mark as Fixed" and "Mark as Ignored" might not load for very large projects.
  • "Adobe CFML › Report: Download Path" in the Preference > Settings, if changed, will be overridden on re-launch VSCode.
  • For large-sized projects, the RAM usage can sometimes be high.
  • In case there are multiple CFML extensions installed, then there is a possibility of conflict which can result in some suggestions not showing up. This is the default behavior of VSCode where extensions are processed in alphabetical order.
  • For extremely large projects (> 100K files) it might take a longer time for the project(s) to load.


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