Bugs fixed in ColdFusion Builder (2016 release) Update 4

Bugs fixed in ColdFusion Builder (2016 release) Update 4

Bug ID


Product area

When using the code formatter on any file or code block, and if any <cfset> tag include the Var keyword, the code formatter does not work.

Editor Features

Color coding of a block of comment works unexpectedly.

Editor Features: Code Colorization

If there are multiple usages of a function, code assist displays inline suggestions for only usage variant.

Editor Features: Dictionary

Inconsistencies in code coloring based on how you write the return data type,

Experience and Design

Syntax highlighting is incorrect inside a comment block.

General - IDE

ColdFusion Builder (2016 release) does not install correctly as plugin in a 64-bit Eclipse Neon.

General - IDE: General

Inconsistencies when starting or stopping ColdFusion server in CF Servers tab.

Server\RDS Support

Known issues in this release

RDS configuration

After applying the update, if the RDS configuration details are lost, add the configuration details manually:

  • Ensure that RDS configuration is listed in RDS Dataview pod (Click Windows > Show View > Other > Enter RDS > Choose RDS Dataview).
  • Click Show RDS configuration dialog.
  • In the RDS configuration dialog, click New.
  • Enter the RDS details and click OK.


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