Essential components of an artwork

Learn the essential components of designing in Illustrator and start creating stunning artwork.

Shapes and paths

Create basic shapes and paths with tools.

Text and fonts

Add text effects to logos, posters and more.

Color and patterns

Create a colorful artwork.

Images and special effects

Add special effects to images. 

Shapes and paths

Combine vector objects in Illustrator to create multiple shapes.

How do I create paths and shapes?

  • To create a path for a vector image, place a series of segments and anchor points. Close the path to convert it to a shape. 
  • To create a smooth shape that can be scaled to any size, tweak angles and curves of the anchor points.

Create and modify shapes and paths

AlignSnapPath Finder, and Global Edit options to arrange or lay out your artwork.


Create an offset path

  • Object Path > Offset Path
  • Object Path > Outline Stroke to convert path or stroke into shapes

Apply effects

Choose effects from the Effect menu.


Free tracing or drawing

Watch this tutorial to learn the basics of creating and editing shapes

Text and fonts

Text effects in Illustrator help you style your content in many ways. You can choose from a variety of styles, such as retro, blur, smoky, 3D, and so many more.

How do I stylize the text?

  • Create text-related art, such as a logo, a flyer, or a brochure.
  • Adjust the line spacing, align the text, choose fonts from Adobe fonts, and more.


Character panel or Paragraph panel

Fine-tune the set of fonts (Type Glyphs)

Change the orientation, type on a path, fit your text in a geometric or organic shape.

Convert Type to a vector shape (Type Create Outlines)

Create outlines

Watch this tutorial to add text to your designs and stylize them.

Colors and Patterns

Apply different colors and patterns to give a realistic touch to your artwork.

How do I add colors and patterns in my artwork?

Add fill and stroke colors

Add colors and patterns from libraries

Create your own set of swatches from images or vectors

Modify single or multiple colors in an artwork

Recolor artwork option in Properties panel

Apply a blend of two or more colors

Apply colors and create realistic artwork

Paint different path segments and fill enclosed paths with different colors, patterns, or gradients

Live Paint feature and Shape Builder tools

Create new complex new shapes by merging simple shapes

Limitless opportunities for creativity

Opacity, masks, gradients, blends, meshes, and patterns

Create strokes with variable width that make very articulate outlines

Create patterns using shape and color

Watch this tutorial to add colors, strokes, and gradients to your artwork.

Images and special effects

Modify and add effects to enhance the beauty of your images. Make your photo as small as a stamp and as significant as a poster.

How do I modify the images?

Crop images

Object Crop Image

Create organic shape of images

Object Clipping Mask

Trace images to create vector images

Add effects on overlapping images, shapes, or text

Blending options in Transparency panel 

Other apps

Watch this tutorial to add images and artistic effects to your artwork.

Got a question or an idea?

Ask the Community

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14.–16. oktober, Miami Beach og på nettet

Adobe MAX 2024

Adobe MAX

14.–16. oktober, Miami Beach og på nettet

Adobe MAX


14.–16. oktober, Miami Beach og på nettet