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Grids and alignment

Learn how to draw better with grids and alignment in Adobe Fresco.

We understood how important grids and alignment guides are for creatives like you. Using Fresco, you can now use graph grids to scale, compose, and draw your subject accurately and use perspective grids to draw linear lines that can bring depth to your artwork. With the help of Adobe Sensei, Fresco can identify and create the perspective grid from an image, layer, and document making it even easier and faster to work.

Rotation snapping lets you quickly snap shapes, drawing aids, and layers to specific angles when rotated.

By enabling alignment guides, you can snap your objects to the center or middle of the canvas on a vertical and horizontal axis.

Use grids

1. Select Grid   in the taskbar to reveal the Precision panel.

2. Under Guides, enable the Grids  .

3. Under Grid type, select between Graph      or Perspective or Perspective    or Perspective  .

Use graph grids

Use Graph   grids to position your artwork such as selections, layers, and shapes, precisely across the width or length of an image.

To create or modify your artwork use:

  • Spacing: Enables you to increase or decrease the grid size. The spacing is measured in pixels. Tap to enter a numeric value or swipe to change the default spacing. 
  • Opacity:  Use the slider to change the visibility of the grids.

Use perspective grids

Use Perspective   grid to quickly apply perspective to your designs. Objects are snapped to the grid of the active plane when you create or move them.

1. Select the type of perspective grid from the Vanishing points dropdown menu.

1 point

The lines in one-point perspective are either vertical, horizontal, or approach the vanishing point.

2 point

The lines in two-point perspective are either horizontal or approach either of the two vanishing points.

3 point

The lines approach one of the three vanishing points, keeping the center of vision in the middle of a triangle.

2. Select Edit vanishing points to move the vanishing points. Select and drag the drop   to where you want the vanishing point to begin.

Edit entire set or individual vanishing points by selecting and dragging the drops.

3. In the Snap to grid axis for the Drawing is enabled by default. Smart guides help you draw smooth lines but you can disable this feature for a freehand drawing.

Enable Snap to grid axis for smart guides.

Disable Snap to Grid for free-hand drawing.


Using the perspective grids, you can modify the drawing aids and shapes such as circles, squares, and polygons and also edit them with the help of two icons that appear right below the drawing. Use the edit icon to either transform or add perspective and suit the drawing aids to the plane they should follow. Also, when you move the shapes around, they automatically map to the perspective plane.

Snap Capture shapes using smart guides

Snap drawing aid shapes using smart guides

4. Adjust the density and opacity of the grid lines using the following options:

  • Density:  Use this option to change the number of grid lines.
  • Opacity:  Optimize visibility of the grid lines by changing the percentage value.

 5. Select Color to change the color of the grid using either the Color wheel or HSB sliders.

Perspective grid capture

Use this huge timesaver available in the Precision panel that leverages the power of Adobe Sensei to automatically create perspective grids from an imported image, layer, or your entire document.

Create perspective grid

To generate a perspective grid, tap Grid   > Precision panel > Create perspective grid, and choose the image, layer, or document.

Perspective grid capture for an image

Tap Place   in the left pane, choose the image, and tap Grid   on the top right to generate the grid.


Tap Grid   > Precision panel > Create perspective grid, choose Image, and tap Grid   to generate the grid.

Perspective grid capture for a layer

Tap Grid   > Precision panel > Create perspective grid, choose Layer, then tap Grid   to generate the grid.

Perspective grid capture for a document

Tap Grid   > Precision panel > Create perspective grid, choose Document, then tap Grid   to generate the grid.


If you have more than one document with different perspective grids, the app remembers the latest so that when you open a new document, the latest perspective grid is automatically loaded.

Use rotation snapping

Use Rotation Snapping to quickly snap shapes, drawing aids, and layers to specific angles when rotated.

Select Snapping > Rotation Snapping to set the snap angle to the preset options to 30, 45, or 90 degrees.

Use alignment guides

Alignment guides allow you to quickly snap the object to specific document locations (center, left, right, etc).
You can enable or disable alignment guides using  Guides > Alignment guides.

What's next?

We've got you started with drawing shapes in Fresco. The interface of Fresco is intuitive. We hope you will find it easy to unleash your creativity with layersbrushesmasking, and more.

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Oct 14–16 Miami Beach and online