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Supported features on iPad, iPhone, and Windows devices

Learn about the Adobe Fresco features supported on iPad, iPhone, and Windows devices.

 -  Supported.   -  Not supported.  -  Partially supported. 

Feature iPad iPhone
Windows devices
with Intel, Nvidia, or AMD processor
Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 9 devices
with ARM processor
Vector brushes

Pixel brushes

Live brushes

Watercolor brushes

Smudge tool


Brush settings

Straight edge

Transform, eyedropper, and fill tools





Text tool  

Stylus support


Customizable UI

Undo/Redo improved

Fullscreen mode

Dark mode

Touch Shortcut

In-app name and avatar editing

Import images 

Color libraries

Cloud documents

Photoshop & Fresco interoperability

Use Fresco artwork in Illustrator

Sketch/Draw manual project import

Publish to Behance

Discover: Browse Fresco artwork on Behance

Publish, export, and share

Report a bug

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