Changes to XD Starter plan

Learn about upcoming updates to XD Starter plan.

Beginning June 2021, Starter plan users will have the following usage limits on these features:

  • Export designs to PDF up to two times

  • Export video recordings of prototypes up to two times (macOS only)

The Starter plan continues to include unlimited use of design and prototyping features, including exporting assets for production, as well as use of both cloud and local documents. 

Your existing exports continue to be available to view and share with others. These existing exports prior to June do not count towards your usage limit. If you need to export more than the limits on the Starter plan, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.  

Recording videos of your prototypes is only supported on macOS. To learn how to record the interactions in your prototype, visit this page here

Yes, stop the recording and do not select a location to save the video. You’ll be able to start the recording again and this will not count towards your usage limit. 

Yes, you can export your designs as a single PDF or multiple PDFs. Learn more about different PDF export options here

Within XD, on Mac, click XD > About XD. On Windows, click Help > About XD. You can see the word Starter next to the version.

Starter plan for Adobe XD
Starter plan for Adobe XD

  • Share links: 1 active shared link
  • Invite to document: 1 active shared document, with up to 2 co-editors
  • Export designs to PDF up to two times (Beginning June 2021)
  • Export video recordings of prototypes up to two times – macOS only (Beginning June 2021)
  • Libraries: 1 published library with up to 1 additional editor and unlimited viewers. (The limits on this feature will start sometime in 2021.)

If you create and share a document, you count as a co-editor. Each additional person you invite to your document also counts as a co-editor.

The free Starter plan allows anyone to download and use XD for personal use, including all design and prototyping features. Paid plans are for professional use where unlimited sharing and collaboration are required, so full access to these premium features is included.   

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