Photoshop Brush Thumbnails do not display Pressure Sensitive Characteristics


In Windows, when viewing the General Brushes presets in Photoshop, the brush preset thumbnails do not correctly display how pressure sensitivity controls brush characteristics.


  1. Make sure that you have all Windows OS updates installed.

  2. Make sure that you have the latest device drivers installed for your pressure sensitive device (download the drivers from the manufacturer's website).

  3. Verify that Pressure Sensitive controls have been recognized by Photoshop.

    1. Go to the Brush Settings panel.
    2. Go to the Shape Dynamics section.
    3. Set the Size Jitter Control drop-down list to Pen Pressure.
    4. No warnings appear.
  4. In the Brush Presets, resize the brush thumbnails using the slider at the bottom of the panel with your pressure sensitive device. 

Resizing the thumbnails with the slider cause the thumbnails to be re-rendered at the size selected by the slider and with the available tool inputs. 

Additional information

This issue does not occur on Mac. 

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