Find known issues and limitations in the latest release of Photoshop.

macOS 10.15 Catalina compatibility

Issue Workaround
Only Photoshop 2019 (v20.x) and Photoshop v21.x can be installed on macOS 10.15 Catalina. The current version of Photoshop has these known compatibility issues with macOS 10.15. See Photoshop and macOS Catalina (10.15) for known issues and workarounds. You may want to remain on your current version of macOS until these issues have been resolved.

Artboard transparency doesn't work correctly

Issue Workaround

In Photoshop 21.2 on macOS, changing an artboard background to transparent doesn't show transparency correctly.

(macOS Catalina 10.15 and macOS High Sierra 10.13)


macOS Catalina 10.15: This issue has been fixed in Photoshop 21.2.1. Update Photoshop to the latest version

macOS High Sierra 10.13: Engineering is working on this issue.

Layer changes don't update correct with Legacy Compositing enabled

Issue Workaround
When Legacy Compositing is enabled, layer content remains, or is visibly duplicated, after moving the layer or adjustments aren't visible at different zoom levels. Workaround:

Open Preferences > Performance and uncheck Legacy Compositing.

By default, the Legacy Compositing option is off.

Photoshop freezes and becomes unresponsive

Issue Workaround
When using adjustments on documents with Rulers visible, Photoshop freezes and becomes unresponsive.


This issue has been fixed in Photoshop 21.2. Update Photoshop to the latest version

Dragging layers between files is not working

Issue Workaround
Drag-and-drop of layers between files is not working.


  • Right-click on the layer, select Duplicate and then choose the destination.
  • Arrange the image windows side-by-side. Choose Window > Arrange > 2 Up Vertical. Now, drag the layers
  • Using the Move tool, drag the layer from the canvas.
  • Hold down both the mouse buttons and drag from the Layers panel to the image tab.


Layers panel buttons get stuck

Issue Workaround

New Layer and New Group buttons get stuck in down position.


This issue has been fixed in Photoshop 21.1.2. Update Photoshop to the latest version

Type layers (Text)

Issue Workaround
Unable to select numbers in Right-To-Left mode when the composer is set to World-Ready Layout with Middle Eastern Features enabled. 


In the Paragraph panel, change the paragraph direction to Left-To-Right, select and edit the numbers, then change the direction back to Right-To-Left. 



A number of painting/tablet related issues have been addressed in recent updates. For a complete list, see Fixed issues in Photoshop. Update to the latest version for these fixes.

Issue Workaround

In Photoshop 21.1 and later, double-click with pen buttons doesn't work as expected with Wacom stylus.  

(macOS only)


Double-tap with the stylus tip.

In Photoshop 21.1.1 and later, pen pressure is lost after returning to your Photoshop document from a CEP Extensions panel.  

(Windows 10 with Windows Ink enabled)


Restart Photoshop.

In Photoshop 21.1 and later, when you play back an action with tool recording steps in it using a mouse, you get blobs at the beginning of any painting actions.

(Windows only)


Press the play button using a stylus instead of a mouse.

In Photoshop 21.0 and later, you get a full pressure blob at the beginning of every stroke when using the Airbrush.

(macOS only)


In the options bar, disable Airbrush-style Build-up Effects for the Brush tool.

Brush preview window doesn't display. The brush preview window has been discontinued in Photoshop 21.0.3 (January 2019 release) and is no longer available. 

To learn about recommended settings for using Wacom tablets with Photoshop, see Tablet support for Photoshop.


Issue Workaround

Error 'Selected font failed during last operation. If problem persists, please disable the font' when you use or replace missing fonts after updating to Photoshop 21.1.1, if have Extensis font management app installed on your Mac.

(macOS only)

Adobe is working with Extensis to fix this issue. 

Camera Raw

Issue Workaround

Error "Could not complete your request because the file was not found" after updating to Camera Raw 12.x on macOS 10.12 or earlier.

Camera Raw 12.x system requirements are:

  • macOS 10.13–10.15
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 with Service Pack 1
  • Windows 10 (version 1703 or later)
Install Camera Raw 11.4.1 from the following page: Camera Raw plug-in Installer

Cloud documents

Issue Workaround

When working with Cloud documents in Photoshop desktop, you may encounter the following issues or errors:

  • Unable to create or save a cloud document.
  • The home screen shows an empty list of recent documents, or a 'Something went wrong' message appears.
  • A dialog with 'Cloud document is not available' or a dialog that says 'Your version of CoreSync is incompatible with this version of Photoshop' appears.
Creative Cloud sync requires an update or is not running correctly. For complete troubleshooting steps, see Unable to create or save a cloud document.
When saving a Photoshop file as cloud document, the dialog to maximize compatibility is not displayed.  This is an expected behavior. The dialog to maximize compatibility is displayed only while saving a document to computer's your local drive. 
You can't export a cloud document as PSD when the document size exceeds 2 GB. Save a copy as a TIFF or as a PSB file
You encounter an error when working with cloud documents. See Solve Cloud Document Errors to find the solution for your cloud document error code

Select Subject

Issue Workaround
Select Subject in Photoshop 21.0.1 can crash in some instances.


This issue has been fixed in Photoshop 21.0.3. 

Update Photoshop to the latest version

New Document dialog

Issue Workaround
The Stock search field is not displayed at the bottom of the New Document dialog.

Solution: Make sure that Photoshop is up to date.

Workaround: Search on the Stock website:

The search field will return in a future update.


Issue Workaround
When working with the Transform Warp (Edit > Transform > Warp) in Classic control mode, the selected anchor points are not visible.  

Solution: Update to Photoshop 21.0

Workaround: Use a newer control color instead of the Classic control color.  Choose Edit (Win) / Photoshop (Mac) > Preferences > Guides, Grids & Sizes > Controls. Choose another Control Color.

While transforming a layer with the Maintain Aspect Ratio option turned off in the tool options bar, dragging any of the corner handles transforms proportionally.

Solution: Update to Photoshop 21.x. The Maintain Aspect Ratio icon behaves as expected.

Solution for Photoshop 2019: Preferences > General... and check "Use Legacy Free Transform" or update to Photoshop 21.x

Workaround: To transform non-proportionally, hold the Shift key while dragging the corner handles.

(Mac-only) Switching to another app during free transformation mode and coming back to Photoshop by clicking a part of the canvas, ends the transformation mode. Most of the menu items are dimmed. Editing of the document is not possible. Click another app again and switch back to Photoshop.


Issue Workaround

The Quick Selection tool is not visible in the toolbar. 

The new Object Selection tool is the default tool in the same tool slot as Quick Selection and Magic Wand. 

Click and hold on the Object Selection tool to reveal and select the other tools in the slot.

After updating to a new version of Photoshop the toolbar doesn't include newer tools such as the Frame tool or the Object Selection tool.

Restore the toolbar customization to its default state or customize the toolbar to include the missing tools. See Tools missing from the toolbar.

Graphics Processor (GPU) preferences

Issue Workaround

Under Preferences > Performance > Advanced Settingsthe option Use Updated GPU Canvas is grayed out.

This option is not enabled in this version of Photoshop.


Issue Workaround
The Close Others command doesn't work when recorded is an action.   This is a known limitation. The Close Others command isn't supported for recording as an action yet.


Issue Workaround
When you export (File > Export > Export As) in the SVG format, the Background layer does not appear in the output image. Unlock or duplicate the Background layer and then export as SVG.

Keyboard shortcuts

Issue Workaround

After upgrading from an earlier version to Photoshop CC 2019 (version 20.0) and later, keyboard shortcuts migration duplicates F1 and Cmd+Z assignment.

This issue occurs if you've previously changed the default assignment of F1 or Cmd+Z. The key performs one of the actions, switching depending on application context.

Delete the extra assignment using the Keyboard Shortcuts editor. See Delete a set of shortcuts.


Issue Workaround
In Photoshop 21.1, 3D shadows are only partly rendered.


  1. Select the mesh group. 
  2. In the Properties panel, click Reset All. 
  3. Select a 3D Camera tool and move the camera.
  4. Render the 3D model again.  

In Photoshop 20.x and higher:

  • OpenGL on canvas  > Model may look different.
  • Material model > Model may render different.

The 3D Material model in Photoshop has changed and it is transitioning to the 3D material model used by Substance and Dimension

  • OpenGL on canvas  > Model may look different.
  • Material model > Model may render different.

The Ray Tracer has not changed, however, the material model has changed and Photoshop tries to match previous versions as close as possible. However, there will be files that will no longer look the same because how Photoshop handles certain materials differently.

For example > Photoshop went from Specular-Glossiness to Metal -Roughness

Photoshop is moving to Physically Based Rendering (PBR) > this is a method of shading and rendering that provides a more accurate representation of how light interacts with surfaces.

To make a Reflection in previous versions you just had to move the Reflection slider to 100%.

For current Photoshop in 2019 and above you need to move the Metallic slider to 100% and move the Roughness slider to 0% for full 100% Reflectivity.

Illumination is gone but Glow is now included. 

These visual changes are expected with the changes to the Material Model.

Other known issues

Issue Workaround
(Windows-only) When running Photoshop on Microsoft Surface Book with NVIDIA GPU enabled, black boxes appear around floating user interface elements in Photoshop including the Search dialog, coach marks, and history scrubber. See Black areas appear around user interface elements | Microsoft Surface Book.
When you launch Photoshop, it freezes either at the splash screen displaying 'Loading Halide Bottlenecks...' or freezes/crashes during startup. See Photoshop freezes at launch.

When you access File > File Info for certain files in Photoshop, you observe one or more of the following issue symptoms:

  • The File Info dialog is slow to open or freezes.
  • Photoshop displays a warning 'Cannot Display Raw Metadata, Contents Too Large'.
  • Raw Data has excessive number of entries of 'photoshop:DocumentAncestors'.

Solution: This issue has been fixed in the January 2019 release of Photoshop (version 20.0.2).

For more information, see File Info dialog is slow to open, freezes, or cannot display raw metadata.