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Adobe Connect Central home page

  1. Adobe Connect User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. What's New in Adobe Connect
    2. Adobe Connect meeting room basics
    3. Adobe Connect Capabilities in HTML Client
    4. Adobe Connect application for desktop
    5. Adobe Connect technical specifications and system requirements
    6. Keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Connect
  3. Adobe Connect Meeting
    1. Adobe Connect meeting room basics
    2. Start, attend, and manage Adobe Connect meetings and sessions
    3. Adobe Connect application for desktop
    4. Adobe Connect pre-meeting diagnostic test
    5. Adobe Connect Central home page
    6. Share content during an Adobe Connect meeting
    7. Update and manage Adobe Connect meetings
    8. View meeting reports and analytics data
    9. Notes, chat, Q&A, and polls in Adobe Connect meeting
    10. Accessibility features in Adobe Connect
    11. Keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Connect
    12. Create virtual meeting rooms and arrange layouts
    13. Breakout rooms in Adobe Connect meetings
    14. Manage meeting attendees in Adobe Connect
  4. Adobe Connect administration and maintenance
    1. Enabling Adobe Connect HTML client
    2. Enabling single sign-on in Adobe Connect
    3. Change the timeout period
    4. Configure audio providers for Universal Voice
    5. Create and import users and groups in Adobe Connect
    6. Enhance Adobe Connect account security
    7. Generate usage reports in Adobe Connect Central
    8. Administer and manage Adobe Connect accounts
    9. Manage users and groups
    10. Set permissions for library files and folders
    11. Back up user data, database, and settings of Adobe Connect server
    12. Build custom reports from Adobe Connect database
    13. Maintain disk space and clean cache on an Adobe Connect server
    14. Manage and monitor Adobe Connect server logs
    15. Start and stop Adobe Connect services
  5. Adobe Connect Events
    1. About Adobe Connect Events
    2. Manage Adobe Connect Events
    3. Attend Adobe Connect Events
    4. Create and edit Adobe Connect Events
  6. Adobe Connect Training and Seminars
    1. About Adobe Connect courses and curriculum for training
    2. Conduct trainings with Adobe Connect
    3. Create and manage seminars
    4. Create training courses in Adobe Connect
    5. Create and manage training curriculum in Adobe Connect
    6. About Virtual Classrooms in Adobe Connect
    7. Adobe Connect reports to monitor training features
    8. Participate in Adobe Connect training sessions and meetings
    9. Closed captioning in Adobe Connect
  7. Audio and video conferencing in Adobe Connect
    1. Audio in Adobe Connect meetings
    2. Record and play back Adobe Connect meetings
    3. Video in Adobe Connect meetings
  8. Manage user content in Adobe Connect
    1. View reports and usage information about uploaded content
    2. Work with content in the Content library
    3. Work with Adobe Connect library files and folders


Adobe Connect Central home page and its capabilities. Access it to solve many usual use cases after logging into the portal from within a browser.

Adobe Connect Central is the web-based portal that allows all the registered users to create and manage their Adobe Connect sessions. The portal also allows Account Administrators to administer the account.

Adobe Connect Central is re-created in HTML so Flash is not required to access the home page. The home page is redesigned for ease of use -- you can quickly create new and access your calendar, existing meetings, recordings, trainings, and training catalogs from a single page. For these listed Adobe Connect sessions, you can take appropriate actions like launch a meeting room, edit a session, or enroll in training.

You can access the portal at:

  • Hosted Adobe service: https://[accountname].adobeconnect.com
  • Licensed users can access it on the domain provided by their administrators.

To revert to the previous, Flash-based experience, click View the old experience in the upper-right corner.

Create Adobe Connect sessions

You can use the Create button to quickly achieve one of the following:

  • Create a Calendar
  • Create a Meeting
  • Upload Content
  • Create a Virtual Classroom, a Course, or a Curriculum
  • Create an Event

You see only the options that are available for your role and that you have permission to create. Contact your administrator for the other options.

Access Adobe Connect sessions

The Calendar is the scheduling component that is fully integrated with many features. It has three built-in time slot views i.e., Today, Week, and Month to display the date, and these views show the current day, by default. You can go back or forward to see any past or future meetings, respectively.

Adobe Connect Central Calendar
Adobe Connect Central Calendar

My Meetings tab shows all meetings the logged in user has access to. You can filter these meetings by your access rights in the meetings. Alternatively, to see a list of the meetings that you created, click Created by me.

In the meeting list, hover over a meeting row to see and use the access buttons to see meeting details, edit the meetings, or open the meeting room. Hover the pointer on a meeting row and click the relevant icons to see details of a meeting, edit a meeting, or to launch the meeting room. You can sort the meetings by any of the column headings.

Click View the old experience, to revert to the old experience that uses Flash Player.

Adobe Connect Central My Meetings tab and options.
Adobe Connect Central My Meetings tab and options.

You can find all the recordings owned by you, directly in the My Recordings tab. You can sort the list of recordings, search for recordings, or launch a recording. Use a minimum of three characters in the search field to search through the recording names.


If a meeting room is deleted and its recordings moved to the Content Library, the recording continues to display in the My Recordings tab.

My Training tab shows all the training or learning objects that you are enrolled in. You can filter the list based on your actions required or your results. For example, all the trainings that you have to complete or the ones in progress. You can toggle between seeing or hiding details.

The Training Catalog tab lists all the available learning objects that the logged in user can enroll in. You can browse through the list of courses and curricula and enroll after seeing the details. To see the details and to enroll or view a training, hover the pointer over a row and click the Information icon.

Adobe Connect Central My Training tab and options.
Adobe Connect Central My Training tab and options.

Use Adobe Connect Search

The Search field at the upper-right corner of the Adobe Connect Central home page allows you to search recordings, courses, presentations, and more using keywords.

Connect Central home Search
Connect Central home Search

On typing a search keyword and pressing Enter or on clicking the Search label, the HTML Search page opens.

Connect Central Search page

In the Search bar, click  against Title & Description to see the drop-down list of the following search options:

  • Title & Description (Default) Select to search content, meetings, trainings, seminars, folders or all of these by title and description and specify search keywords.
  • Author Select to search by author and specify search keywords.
  • Within Content Select to search for the specified keywords in your content.

Press Enter to search.

To further narrow down your search, you can filter by the categories available below the Search bar, including Meeting, Training, Seminar, and Content. And then, click  next to the Search bar. 

If you select the Training category, you can click  against All Types to further select the type of training–Course, Curriculum, or Virtual Classroom. If you select Content, you can click  against All Types to further select the type of content–Acrobat PDFAuthware, Captivate, and so on.

To search for information within a date range, click  against Date Range and select start and end dates. Date Range is available only for the Title & Description and Author search options.

Detailed results are displayed in a scrollable table. In the table, you can do the following:

  • Click a column header to sort the results.
  • In the Title column, click the name of an item to open it for viewing. Click a parent folder to open the folder that contains the item.

It is possible to have access to an object, but not to the folder containing the object.

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