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Tips and tricks

A series of tips and tricks that you can use while capturing and editing videos.

Capturing footage

Capture stable video

Use a tripod to capture steady video.

If you are on the go, look out for options to use the ground, a wall, or another object to brace the camera and get interesting visual perspectives. 

Consider the final output while filming

If you are planning to create a YouTube video, shoot the video in landscape mode. If you want to share your videos on Facebook Stories or Instagram Stories, then capture in portrait mode.

If you are not sure where you will be posting the video, you can shoot in landscape and then change the video aspect ratio in Premiere Rush later. 

For more information, see Change video aspect ratio.

Use the Premiere Rush app to capture video

Premiere Rush offers advanced video capture capabilities that provide you DSLR-like options to adjust ISO, white balance, shutter speed, frame rate, and more.

For more information, see Create and share videos using Adobe Premiere Rush on iOS.

Use the grid

Use the grid to implement the rule of thirds while capturing video. The rule of thirds is a key technique to improve the composition and balance of your images.

When you shoot in Premiere Rush, you can enable the grid by clicking the grid icon at the top of the screen.

Once thie grid is enabled, you can align the subject of your photo or video along the grid lines to follow the rule of thirds.

Go easy on the zoom

If you are filming using your the camera on your mobile phone, try to move closer to what you are filming rather than zooming in, which can cause a loss in quality. 

If moving closer to the action is not an option, consider whether you can crop the footage while editing. For more information, see Crop and rotate a clip.

Do an audio check before recording

If you plan to record sound with your video, make sure you do a quick sound check before starting to capture video. Doing a sound check makes you aware of any ambient noise or weird echoes that the camera is picking up. 

Note, you can always edit out background noise and remove echoes while editing. For more information, see Refine audio clips.

Editing videos

Use keyboard shortcuts

Learn the keyboard shortcuts you can use for editing. Knowing the keyboard shortcuts can speed up your editing workflows.

For more information, see Keyboard shortcuts.

Add music or narration

Adding music or a narration (also called a voiceover) is the easiest way to add depth and layers to your video. Take advantage of the free soundtracks available with Premiere Rush, or add your own music. You can also record voiceovers while editing your video.

For more information, see Add and refine audio.

Create design thumbnails and titles that pop

Your video thumbnail and title is what gets viewers to click on your video (if you are sharing on YouTube). 

Use a high-quality still image ora frame from within your video as your thumbnail. Also, make use of professionally-designed Motion Graphics templates available on Adobe Stock from within the Titles panel to make your videos stand out.

Once you've added and customized your Motion Graphics template to fit your video, you can use that frame showing your title as your thumbnail. For more information, see Share your video on your YouTube channel.

Add interest to your videos by creating cool cutaway or picture-in-picture effects

Showing footage from just one angle can be monotonous for the viewer. Try creating cutaway shots or picture-in-picture effects by adding a clip above another clip on the timeline to show two different perspectives of a single event. 

For more information, see Create a picture-in-picture effect.

Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel

When you upload a new video to YouTube, add a call to action to your viewers to subscribe to your channel. There are some in the Adobe Stock tab in the Title panel; check them out! Also, consider including a note in the description asking your viewers to subscribe to your channel if they like your video.


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