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Fixed issues in Dreamweaver

  1. Dreamweaver User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. Responsive web design basics
    2. What's new in Dreamweaver
    3. Web development using Dreamweaver - An Overview
    4. Dreamweaver / Common Questions
    5. Keyboard shortcuts
    6. Dreamweaver system requirements
    7. Feature summary
  3. Dreamweaver and Creative Cloud
    1. Synchronize Dreamweaver settings with Creative Cloud
    2. Creative Cloud Libraries in Dreamweaver
    3. Using Photoshop files in Dreamweaver
    4. Work with Adobe Animate and Dreamweaver
    5. Extract web-optimized SVG files from Libraries
  4. Dreamweaver workspaces and views
    1. The Dreamweaver workspace
    2. Optimize Dreamweaver workspace for visual development
    3. Search files based on filename or content | Mac OS
  5. Set up sites
    1. About Dreamweaver sites
    2. Set up a local version of your site
    3. Connect to a publishing server
    4. Set up a testing server
    5. Import and export Dreamweaver site settings
    6. Bring existing websites from a remote server to your local site root
    7. Accessibility features in Dreamweaver
    8. Advanced settings
    9. Set site preferences for transferring files
    10. Specify proxy server settings in Dreamweaver
    11. Synchronize Dreamweaver settings with Creative Cloud
    12. Using Git in Dreamweaver
  6. Manage files
    1. Create and open files
    2. Manage files and folders
    3. Getting and putting files to and from your server
    4. Check in and check out files
    5. Synchronize files
    6. Compare files for differences
    7. Cloak files and folders in your Dreamweaver site
    8. Enable Design Notes for Dreamweaver sites
    9. Preventing potential Gatekeeper exploit
  7. Layout and design
    1. Use visual aids for layout
    2. About using CSS to lay out your page
    3. Design responsive websites using Bootstrap
    4. Creating and using media queries in Dreamweaver
    5. Present content with tables
    6. Colors
    7. Responsive design using fluid grid layouts
    8. Extract in Dreamweaver
  8. CSS
    1. Understand Cascading Style Sheets
    2. Laying out pages using CSS Designer
    3. Using CSS preprocessors in Dreamweaver
    4. How to set CSS Style preferences in Dreamweaver
    5. Move CSS rules in Dreamweaver
    6. Convert inline CSS to a CSS rule in Dreamweaver
    7. Work with div tags
    8. Apply gradients to background
    9. Create and edit CSS3 transition effects in Dreamweaver
    10. Format code
  9. Page content and assets
    1. Set page properties
    2. Set CSS heading properties and CSS link properties
    3. Work with text
    4. Find and replace text, tags, and attributes
    5. DOM panel
    6. Edit in Live View
    7. Encoding documents in Dreamweaver
    8. Select and view elements in the Document window
    9. Set text properties in the Property inspector
    10. Spell check a web page
    11. Using horizontal rules in Dreamweaver
    12. Add and modify font combinations in Dreamweaver
    13. Work with assets
    14. Insert and update dates in Dreamweaver
    15. Create and manage favorite assets in Dreamweaver
    16. Insert and edit images in Dreamweaver
    17. Add media objects
    18. Adding videos in Dreamweaver
    19. Insert HTML5 video
    20. Insert SWF files
    21. Add audio effects
    22. Insert HTML5 audio in Dreamweaver
    23. Work with library items
    24. Using Arabic and Hebrew text in Dreamweaver
  10. Linking and navigation
    1. About linking and navigation
    2. Linking
    3. Image maps
    4. Troubleshoot links
  11. jQuery widgets and effects
    1. Use jQuery UI and mobile widgets in Dreamweaver
    2. Use jQuery effects in Dreamweaver
  12. Coding websites
    1. About coding in Dreamweaver
    2. Coding environment in Dreamweaver
    3. Set coding preferences
    4. Customize code coloring
    5. Write and edit code
    6. Code hinting and code completion
    7. Collapse and expand code
    8. Reuse code with snippets
    9. Lint code
    10. Optimize code
    11. Edit code in Design view
    12. Work with head content for pages
    13. Insert server-side includes in Dreamweaver
    14. Using tag libraries in Dreamweaver
    15. Importing custom tags into Dreamweaver
    16. Use JavaScript behaviors (general instructions)
    17. Apply built-in JavaScript behaviors
    18. About XML and XSLT
    19. Perform server-side XSL transformations in Dreamweaver
    20. Performing client-side XSL transformations in Dreamweaver
    21. Add character entities for XSLT in Dreamweaver
    22. Format code
  13. Cross-product workflows
    1. Installing and using extensions to Dreamweaver
    2. In-App updates in Dreamweaver
    3. Insert Microsoft Office documents in Dreamweaver (Windows only)
    4. Working with Fireworks and Dreamweaver
    5. Edit content in Dreamweaver sites using Contribute
    6. Dreamweaver-Business Catalyst integration
    7. Create personalized email campaigns
  14. Templates
    1. About Dreamweaver templates
    2. Recognizing templates and template-based documents
    3. Create a Dreamweaver template
    4. Create editable regions in templates
    5. Create repeating regions and tables in Dreamweaver
    6. Use optional regions in templates
    7. Define editable tag attributes in Dreamweaver
    8. How to create nested templates in Dreamweaver
    9. Edit, update, and delete templates
    10. Export and import xml content in Dreamweaver
    11. Apply or remove a template from an existing document
    12. Edit content in Dreamweaver templates
    13. Syntax rules for template tags in Dreamweaver
    14. Set highlighting preferences for template regions
    15. Benefits of using templates in Dreamweaver
  15. Mobile and multiscreen
    1. Create media queries
    2. Changing page orientation for mobile devices
    3. Create web apps for mobile devices using Dreamweaver
  16. Dynamic sites, pages and web forms
    1. Understand web applications
    2. Set up your computer for application development
    3. Troubleshoot database connections
    4. Removing connection scripts in Dreamweaver
    5. Design dynamic pages
    6. Dynamic content sources overview
    7. Define sources of dynamic content
    8. Add dynamic content to pages
    9. Changing dynamic content in Dreamweaver
    10. Display database records
    11. Provide and troubleshoot live data in Dreamweaver
    12. Add custom server behaviors in Dreamweaver
    13. Building forms using Dreamweaver
    14. Use forms to collect information from users
    15. Create and enable ColdFusion forms in Dreamweaver
    16. Create web forms
    17. Enhanced HTML5 support for form elements
    18. Develop a form using Dreamweaver
  17. Building applications visually
    1. Build master and detail pages in Dreamweaver
    2. Build search and results pages
    3. Build a record insert page
    4. Build an update record page in Dreamweaver
    5. Building record delete pages in Dreamweaver
    6. Use ASP commands to modify database in Dreamweaver
    7. Build a registration page
    8. Build a login page
    9. Build a page that only authorized users can access
    10. Securing folders in Coldfusion using Dreamweaver
    11. Using ColdFusion components in Dreamweaver
  18. Test, preview, and publish websites
    1. Preview pages
    2. Preview Dreamweaver web pages on multiple devices
    3. Test your Dreamweaver site
  19. Troubleshooting
    1. Fixed issues
    2. Known issues



We heard you! We've been working hard at fixing the issues you reported to us. Here's a list of issues we fixed in the latest release of Dreamweaver.

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May 2024 release (version 21.4)

  • Git Response dialogue is rendered blank on performing the Use Soft Reset pull operation, and the application must be forced quit.

  • Fixes for security vulnerabilities:
    • Insufficient validation of untrusted input allowed a remote attacker to potentially exploit heap corruption via a crafted HTML page CVE-2021-21220 (Chromium Embedded Framework).
    • Malicious Git local configuration file leading to Arbitrary Code Execution upon importing Site Definition(.ste) file.

June 2022 release (version 21.3)

  • Page not loading completely in browser with Real-time preview.
  • Dreamweaver menu items cannot be invoked on macOS 12.
  • Code color renders as disabled on macOS versions Big Sur and Monterey.
  • Learn tab is displayed on the home screen.

October 2021 release (version 21.2)

  • Close button is not enabled in Advanced Find and Replace dialog on macOS Big Sur.

  • On macOS Big Sur, Code view renders black on changing the code view font to “Source Han Code JP” for Dw Japanese locale builds.

January 2021 release (version 21.1)

  • For the latest browsers with cross-website tracking option disabled, Device preview does not function.
  • Within Insert panel, irregular highlighting appears for character options.
  • [macOS 11.0] In the Insert panel, all the elements within drop-down lists are highlighted when hovered.
  • For Get operation workflow, File modified time is inaccurate when check in/ check out option is enabled within a site.
  • [macOS 11.0] UI text discrepency appears in Save As dialog.
  • [macOS 11.0] In the File open dialog, all files do not display when Option section is expanded.
  •  Security fix associated with the loading of configuration files during file transfer operations.

October 2020 release (version 21.0)

February 2021 release (version 20.2.1)

  •  Security fix associated with the loading of configuration files during file transfer operations.

June 2020 release (version 20.2)

  • macOS 10.15: In the site setup window, local root folder cannot be modified.
  • macOS 10.15: In a document, external CSS files cannot be attached.
  • macOS 10.15: In Dreamweaver,  save file and open file dialogs do not function.
  • macOS 10.15:  In external comparison tool like BBDiff, file comparison does not open.
  • macOS 10.15: In Open file or Save file dialog, the site root button does not function.
  • Dreamweaver installation fails and displays 141 error code .
  • On Selecting Edit menu>Sync Settings>Manage Creative Cloud Account or clicking Manage Account button in Preferences>Sync Settings, incorrect URL opens in browser.

February 2020 release (version 20.1)

  • In Live View Edit mode, Enter key does not function for immediate sibling elements of dynamic content to either split or create new elements.
  • Document is not auto pushed to testing server and uneditable in Live View while saving new changes.
  • macOS 10.15: Crash on synchronization of files.

November 2019 release (version 20.0)

  • First code hint in the list for PHP is always selected when no beginning characters are typed.
  • On typing initial letters, filtered PHP hints are not displayed in correct order.
  • In PHP code, not all MYSQLi Extension hints are available in the hints list.
  • CSS ID and class selectors added in HTML or related CSS files are not available in JS code for unsaved documents
  • Event handler code hints are not available in JQuery code.
  • While creating new Snippets, unable to select snippet type (Wrap Selection and Insert Block radio options)
  • On Replace All operation with Quick Find, scroll position jumps to the top of the document.
  • Trying to install Adobe Dreamweaver, installation fails with error code 198.

August 2019 release (version 19.2.1)

  • Dreamweaver crashes on launch when versions 19.0 to 19.2 are installed on new Windows and Mac devices using Creative Cloud desktop app version 4.9 and later.

June 2019 release (version 19.2)

  • HTML code in PHP documents is not formatted as per settings in Tag Libraries.
  • Extra white spaces getting introduced within strings on applying code formatting for PHP.
  • Applying source formatting for PHP introduced line breaks within inline PHP code.
  • On applying source formatting for PHP code, a space is introduced between < & ? thereby breaking the code.
  • Visibility specifiers in PHP are incorrectly formatted in PHP file by introducing a newline between visibility keyword and function definition.
  • When the PHP file is straight HTML, it should be formatted the same as the HTML file.
  • Anchor tag is broken on formatting a PHP document.
  • PHP code indentation following the HTML indentation.
  • Indent/outdent code not honoring the indent size and Tab spaces settings in Dreamweaver code format preferences.
  • On formatting PHP document, redundant new lines/blank spaces/lines are introduced in the Script tag or JS code in the file.
  • File synchronization dialog dismisses on clicking over any file in the list.

April 2019 release (version 19.1)

  • Extensions that are installed for Dreamweaver with English (International) app language are not loaded in Dreamweaver. 
  • On applying source formatting for CSS file, selectors within @media blocks are not formatted.
  • On applying source formatting for a Selection in CSS file, formatting is applied for the entire code in the file.
  • Ctrl_Tab does not switch to next document tab in order if a new document is created/opened
  • mac OS only: On adding ID in the Insert div dialog, Div tag is inserted in the code without the ID.
  • mac OS only: On adding ID in the Insert Main dialog, Main tag is inserted in the code without the ID.
  • mac OS only: Bootstrap page sizes sm, md, lg, xl are not displayed in View Port drop-down list in Document status bar for .dwt templates files that use Bootstrap.
  • Dreamweaver treats network-path references or protocol-relative URLs (paths that start with //) as UNC paths and attempts outbound SMB calls. 
  • On applying source formatting for PHP, HTML code within the file is formatted differently compared to the code in Dreamweaver CC 2015.
  • On applying source formatting for PHP, extra white spaces are introduced within strings.
  • On applying source formatting for PHP, formatting does not consider the settings made in Tag Libraries for PHP.
  • On applying source formatting for PHP, line breaks are introduced within inline PHP code
  • On applying source formatting for PHP, a space is introduced between < & ? thereby breaking the code
  • On applying source formatting for PHP, line break is introduced between visibility specifier and function definition in PHP code
  • On applying source formatting for PHP, redundant new lines/blank spaces/lines are introduced within Script tag or JS code within PHP files.
  • On applying source formatting for a HTML/PHP file, CSS within style tag is not formatted.
  • On applying source formatting, indent size and type set in Preferences > Code Format are not used in code formatting.
  • On applying source formatting, cursor jumps to the top of code view.
  • Wrap and insert block radio options are not available in Snippet window.

January 2019 release (version 19.0.1)

  • On mac OS, node process consumes 100% CPU on launching Dreamweaver.
  • ESLint displays variable/object not defined error messages for Browser and JQuery objects like document, window, $() and so on. 
  • ESLint displays definition of rule not found error messages for some of the linter rules like for-direction, getter-return, and so on, when you create a .eslintrc.js file from Site setup.

October 2018 release (version 19.0)

Improved stability and security

  • [Win only] Dreamweaver crashes on every launch.
  • [Win only] Dreamweaver app hangs on launch indefinitely.
  • [Mac only] Dreamweaver crashes on opening a new JavaScript file while currently working on a JavaScript file.
  • Node.js is flagged as insecure by internal audit.
  • OpenSSL 1.0.2k shipped with Dreamweaver has security vulnerabilities.
  • Version of zlib.dll shipped with Dreamweaver is unknown and has security vulnerabilities.

Code view

  • Images & color previews in code view cannot be disabled in Dreamweaver without having to edit brackets.json.
  • Auto insertion of quotes & braces cannot be disabled in Dreamweaver without having to edit brackets.json.
  • Corrupted entries are listed for Font size units dropdown in Property Inspector for a Bootstrap document.
  • Cannot drag and drop selected text within code view when the selection contains colon.
  • $_SERVER array elements hints are listed with non-related elements and cannot insert selected element by pressing Enter key.
  • Selected file path for url( ) function in CSS files is not enclosed in quotes.

Real-time preview

  • User cannot switch from Real-time Preview to Preview in Browser and associate primary and secondary browser keyboard shortcuts to preview documents in browser.
  • On selecting a browser for real-time preview, browser displays error “You tried to access an external HTML page, which cannot be opened on the device for preview. Open the page in Dreamweaver to preview the page on the device”.
  • Real-time Preview intermittently stops auto syncing changes made in code view until user clicks in Browser window.
  • Primary and Secondary Browsers Keyboard shortcuts(F12 & Ctrl+F12) are assigned to Real-time Preview, but they're also listed on the Open in Browser submenu.
  • Real-time preview is not auto refreshed when a document is pushed to testing server manually.
  • Real-time preview fails to load if the document has related CSS/JS files with relative paths.


  • Live view does not render CSS Grid Layouts.
  • Cannot save or load search queries in Find and Replace dialog.
  • Cannot save search results report after performing Find All operation in a site.
  • [Win only] Cursor position in Code View and Design view are not in sync on high definition displays.

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