Pixel-align your artboard

Exporting for screens? Ensure that your artboards are aligned to the pixel grid.

When exporting an artboard using File Export > Export for Screens, if the artboards are not aligned to pixel grid, the artboard size increases by one extra pixel. 

Pixel align

A. Non-pixel aligned object B. Pixel-aligned object 

To align artboards to the pixel grid:

  • Choose Object > Make Pixel Perfect.
  • Click the Align Art To Pixel Grid On Creation And Transformation () icon in Control panel.

Note: This change will affect artboard contents.

When you export non-aligned artboards, Illustrator highlights them in the Export for screens dialog and also warns you about their non-alignment.

See also: Draw pixel-perfect art

Pixel-align using Properties panel

To pixel-align artboards, alternatively you can manually change the X and Y values of the artboard in Properties panel.

For example, consider the artboard of size 600 x 200 and placed at X: 298.28pt and Y: 207.31pt.

If you change the values to the nearest integer 298pt and 207pt, the extra pixel is removed and the artboard is correctly sized at 600 x 200 pt.

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