Issue | Illustrator CC crashes at launch

Users have reported that Illustrator crashes during or after launch. Specifically, using an input device (for example, a mouse, stylus, tablet device, or others) soon after you start Illustrator CC causes the application to crash immediately.

Cause | Outdated device drivers

This error occurs due to outdated Wacom device drivers on your computer. Updating the drivers (or uninstalling old or unused device drivers) fixes this issue. This issue can occur even if you do not have any Wacom device currently attached to your computer.

Solution 1: Update Wacom device drivers 

  1. Uninstall your current Wacom device drivers. See your Wacom product documentation, for information on how to uninstall the device drivers.

  2. (Recommended for Mac users) If available on your computer, delete the file WacomMultiTouch.framework. To check for and delete the file:

    1. In a new Finder window, click Go > Go to Folder > type /Library/Frameworks > click Go.
    2. In the opened folder, check for a file named WacomMultiTouch.framework. If the file exists, delete it.
  3. Visit the Wacom support site, and reinstall the latest Wacom device drivers for your computer.  

Solution 2: Uninstall Wacom device drivers

  • If you are not using a Wacom device, uninstall the drivers associated with the device, and then launch Illustrator.

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