Get to know the Adobe Premiere Rush interface
Learn how to navigate and use Adobe Premiere Rush - the general app interface, the Preview monitor, and the timeline.

Using Adobe Premiere Rush, you can arrange and edit clips to create and share great-looking videos. 

You can edit your videos using all the editing elements that Premiere Rush provides within the Edit workspace. After you finish editing, you can share your videos using the Share workspace.

Home screen

When you launch Premiere Rush, the Home screen gives you quick access to create a new project, view online Help and tutorials, and interact with the Premiere Rush YouTube community. It also gives you easy access to all of your projects. 

Home screen
Home screen
  • Create a New Project: Get started with your new project by clicking this button. 
  • Help: Access Premiere Rush's online Help articles.
  • Learn: Learn how to use Premiere Rush with online tutorials.
  • Community: Join the Premiere Rush community on YouTube.

Premiere Rush Edit workspace

The Premiere Rush Edit workspace is where you create your video, editing clips in the timeline and using the refinement tools. In this workspace, you can customize your video by adding text, transitions, audio, color presets, and more.


All of the screenshots have been taken on a Mac. However, the Premiere Rush interface on Windows and iPads is similar.

If you are using Premiere Rush on iOS or Android phones, see:  

Premiere Rush Edit workspace
Premiere Rush Edit workspace

A. Home button B. Edit tab C. Share tab D. Titles button E. Transitions button F. Color button G. Audio button H. Transform button I. Control Tracks button J. Editing controls K. Project panel button L. Add Media button 
  • Home: Takes you back to the Home screen where you can start a new project, and view or open all of your projects.
  • Edit:  Use the Edit workspace to edit your video - adding text, transitions, audio, color presets, and more.
  • Share: Use the Share workspace to share your project on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Behance. For more information, see Save, share, or export your video.
  • Titles: Choose from a collection of built-in Motion Graphics templates. For more information, see Create titles.
  • Transitions: Add transitions like fade in, fade out, or dissolve. For more information, see Add and edit transitions.
  • Color: Add a color preset or create your own by adjusting exposure, contrast, highlights, and more. For more information, see Adjust a clip's color.
  • Audio: Adjust volume, mute, enhance voice, or auto-duck background music. For more information on audio, see Add and refine audio.
  • Transform: Modify the appearance of your clip using crop, rotate, or scale, or do things like create a picture-in-picture effect. For more information, see Crop and rotate a clip.
  • Control Tracks: Toggle tracks on/off, hide tracks, or lock tracks to make editing efficient.
  • Editing tools: Split, duplicate, or delete a clip. You can also expand the audio tracks to make fine-tuning with audio easier. For more information, see Edit your video in the timeline.
  • Project panel: View all of the videos, photos, audio clips, graphics, and sequences within your project.
  • Add: Insert a title, more media, or a voiceover to your project. For more information on media, see Import photos, videos, and audio.

Premiere Rush Preview monitor

Preview monitor controls
Preview monitor controls

A. Playhead Position B. Sequence Duration C. Player Controls D. View/Exit Full Screen E. Loop Playback F. More Options 
  • Timecode: The timecode displays the exact time of the playhead position. It also displays the duration of the complete sequence.
  • Player Controls: Play/pause the video, step forward/backward by one frame, or skip to the next/previous edit point.
  • View/Exit Full Screen: Watch your video in full screen mode for a bigger preview.
  • Loop Playback: Play the video on a loop to preview what it will look like on social media channels that auto-loop videos, such as Instagram.

You can change the orientation of your video and adjust your monitor display settings, using the following controls:

  • Orientation: Choose Landscape, Portrait, or Square for your video.
  • Monitor Quality: Choose between High, Medium, and Low settings when previewing your video in the monitor.
Change the orientation and preview quality of the video clip
Change the orientation and preview quality of the video clip

Premiere Rush timeline

The Premiere Rush timeline consists of the playhead to view/scrub your timeline and multiple tracks where your media is arranged. 

Timeline tracks
Timeline tracks

A. V1 track B. Playhead C. Video tracks (V2-V4) D. Audio tracks (A1-A3) 


Tracks allow you to arrange your clips (videos, photos, graphics, and audio) with flexibility. 

While editing a video, you can use multiple tracks primarily for situations like when you want to add music alongside your video or add a title that plays on top of your video. 

The Premiere Rush timeline consists of one main V1 track. When you import video footage or still images, they are all by default arranged on this V1 track. If you import audio files, or add titles, they are placed in separate audio tracks on the timeline. 

In Premiere Rush, you can have a maximum of seven tracks on the timeline: four video tracks and three audio-only tracks. Video tracks support video (with or without audio), images, and graphics. Audio-only tracks support audio-only clips like music and voiceover recordings.

Each track has controls on the left (when the Control tracks icon is clicked) that allow you to lock a track (to prevent inadvertent edits to it), mute the audio of a track, and show or hide a track.


The playhead is the blue vertical line that shows you where you are in your timeline when you are previewing your video. The playhead is an essential element to make sure that you are editing and viewing the correct part of your video.

When you click a clip in the timeline, the playhead jumps to that location so that you can preview that selected clip in the monitor as you make edits or watch your video.

Premiere Rush Share workspace overview

The Premiere Rush Share workspace allows you to save your Premiere Rush project on your device or publish it on various social media channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Behance.

Premiere Rush Share workspace
Premiere Rush Share workspace

If you want, you can adjust the preset, resolution, frame rate, audio channels, and the video quality of your final video, but Premiere Rush will automatically choose the highest quality settings based on the media within your project. Lastly, you can preview your video before you export it. For more information, see Save, share, or export your video.