ColdFusion language enhancements

ColdFusion has gone through various language enhancements that will provide a better development experience for ColdFusion developers. The core CFML language enhancements in ColdFusion 11 includes new language constructs, extended tag support, enhanced script functions, and support for new operations.

This document provides an overview on the language enhancements and changes made in ColdFusion 11.

Script support for tags

Using custom tags in scripts

Query tags as ColdFusion functions

See QueryExecute.

JSON serialization

JSON serialization allows you to convert ColdFusion data into a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) representation of the data. This feature was made available in ColdFusion 8.

Member functions for data structure

Support for Elvis operator (?:)

Passing array index to callback functions in ArrayEach

Currently, ColdFusion supports passing objects in callback function. Now, from ColdFusion 11,  you can pass the index of an array to the callback function. See ArrayEach.

Support for ListEach

A new function, ListEach, has been introduced.  See ListEach.

Support for QueryGetRow

A new function, QueryGetRow, has been introduced.  See QueryGetRow.

Preferences for built-in functions

Support for database queries

You can start using the <cfquery> tag in client-side CFML just like how you are currently using it in server-side CFML code. Note that not all of the <cfquery> features are supported in this release.

See Mobile Application Development

Added script support for cfimport based prefix custom tag. Now you can use prefix based custom tag in script block without any issue.

  cfimport(taglib=" ../importFolder/" prefix="myTags");

<cfoutput > Output from custom tag </cfoutput>


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