System requirements

Fonts are synced via the free Creative Cloud desktop application, which is available for:

  • Mac OS X 10.11 and higher
  • Windows 7 and higher

It is not possible to sync fonts from Typekit on older versions of Mac OS X or Windows, or on other operating systems, as the Creative Cloud desktop application is not available on those platforms.

Web fonts from Typekit work in all browsers which support web fonts on Mac OS X, Windows, and Chrome OS, as well as most mobile browsers; read more about web font browser and OS support.


In order to sync fonts, you have to be signed in to the Creative Cloud desktop application with a named-user Creative Cloud subscription. It isn't possible to sync fonts with a device or site-wide Creative Cloud license. 

What's included in your subscription

A Typekit Portfolio plan with the full font library for web and sync use is included with:

  • A paid monthly or annual Creative Cloud All Apps subscription;
  • Each seat of a Creative Cloud team subscription;
  • A Portfolio, Performance, or Business stand-alone Typekit plan;
  • Any single-application Creative Cloud plan (except Adobe Acrobat).

A Typekit Free plan with a selection of fonts for web and sync use is included with:

  • The Creative Cloud Photography Plan;
  • The administrative contact for a Creative Cloud team subscription;
  • An Adobe Acrobat single-application plan;
  • Trial Creative Cloud subscriptions.

Creative Cloud is also offered via several educational licensing programs, some of which include a Typekit Portfolio plan and some of which include the Typekit Free plan. Please get in touch with your school's Adobe representative if you have any questions on the particular package that you purchased.

Legacy Typekit Enterprise subscribers may sync fonts from the Limited library, but do not have the option to upgrade to full library access. Please contact with any questions on your legacy Typekit Enterprise subscription.

Upgrading your Typekit plan

If your Creative Cloud subscription includes Typekit Free and you would like to upgrade to the full font library, you can either:

  • upgrade to a Creative Cloud plan that includes Typekit Portfolio, or
  • upgrade your Typekit subscription separately. The Typekit upgrade will bill independently of your Creative Cloud subscription.

To upgrade your Typekit plan:

  1. Sign in to Typekit with your Adobe ID and password.

  2. Visit the plans page, and select the "upgrade" option for a Portfolio, Performance, or Business plan.

    Typekit plans

Adding Typekit Marketplace fonts

Typekit Marketplace is a collection of fonts that you can purchase and add to your Typekit account. Marketplace fonts can be added to any Creative Cloud subscription or standalone Typekit subscription, including Typekit Free. The plan pageview limits for web font hosting still apply.


Font purchases from the Typekit Marketplace are not available for Creative Cloud Enterprise subscriptions, Enterprise ID or Federated ID accounts, or legacy Typekit Enterprise accounts.

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