Some font foundries permit you to license a web font from them and then use Typekit to host the font. This "bring your own license" option is available from:

(Note that you can only license the Web FontFonts from FontShop for use in Typekit. Other web fonts from FontShop cannot be hosted from Typekit.)

Once you’ve licensed a web font from the foundry, you’ll receive a link to add it to your Typekit account. Your new font will be instantly transferred to your account and will appear under a new tab called “Purchased”.

You can then use it just like any other font on Typekit: add it to a kit, assign some selectors, and publish your kit. The font will work in all the browsers and devices that Typekit supports.

Four web font families have been added to the Typekit account.

Typekit plan restrictions—such as the monthly pageview limit—still apply, but there are no additional fees to bring your own license to Typekit.

In addition to the Typekit Terms of Use, users must adhere to the foundry’s End-User License Agreement which was provided by the licensor when purchasing the font license.

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