Web font serving

Fonts from Typekit work in all browsers which support web fonts on Mac OS X, Windows, and Chrome OS, as well as most mobile browsers. While font serving should work on all Linux distributions, it's only tested on Ubuntu.

Dynamically-subsetted kits, which are used for East Asian web font serving, are supported in newer versions of the same browsers. The kit JavaScript for dynamic subsetting uses features which are not available in older browser versions.

Browser Language-based Subsets Dynamic Subsets
Chrome 6 and higher 31 and higher
Firefox 3.6 and higher 31 and higher
Internet Explorer 8 and higher 9 and higher
Microsoft Edge 12 and higher 12 and higher
Opera 11 and higher 15 and higher
Safari 3.1 and higher 6 and higher
Mobile Safari & Chrome for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad iOS 4.2 and higher iOS 7.1 and higher
Default browser, Chrome, Firefox, Kindle Fire (Silk) & Opera Mobile for Android Android 2.2 and higher Android 4.1 and higher
Internet Explorer Windows Phone 8 and higher Windows Phone 8 and higher
Default browser BlackBerry 10 and higher BlackBerry 10 and higher

If Typekit does not recognize the browser, we serve a special CSS file that gives the browser several font formats. This "bulletproof" @font-face fallback format means that fonts will work in many other browsers, even if they aren't officially supported or tested. (This fallback format does not apply to dynamic kits.)

Browser support for typekit.com

The Typekit website, where you browse fonts and access the kit editor, works optimally in the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. The site is not supported on touch devices; you may have trouble using certain features in those browsers.

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