When you create a kit, you specify the domains on which fonts from that kit will be used. The fonts will only load on these allowed domains.  You can list up to ten domain names on any kit, and the list can be changed at any time.

List of domain names where the fonts may be used

How do I edit the domain list for my kit?

To add or remove domains:

  1. go to https://typekit.com/account/kits and launch the kit editor
  2. click Kit Settings in the upper right corner
  3. update the list of domain names
  4. save your settings
  5. click the Publish button at the bottom right of the kit editor to republish the kit

The fonts will be available to the new domain name within a few minutes of republishing.

What do I need to include in the domain list?

  • Adding domain.com automatically allows www.domain.com as well; you don't have to list it again with the "www". Subdomains of the site to be entered separately, or included with a wildcard match.
  • A wildcard (*) at the beginning of the domain includes all the subdomains of the site, e.g. *.domain.com. You can't use a wildcard match anywhere else in the domain entry.
  • Add localhost, your IP address, or your development server (e.g. dev.local or dev.domain.com) to the list of allowed domains to enable Typekit to work from a local web server; read more about developing locally.
  • You don't have to include protocols (http, https) or port numbers, even if they're non-standard.

Can I add more than ten domains to my kit?

No, the limit on the kit is due to limitations in older browsers; if the list of domain names is too long, the fonts won't load on any of the sites. Because of this, it isn't possible to increase the size of the domain list.  You would have to create additional kits with the same fonts in it to serve fonts on the additional domain names.  

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