Extend kit cache time

A kit is cached for 10 minutes by default. Typekit uses a short cache time so that you can update your kit (for example, adding fonts or changing the list of allowed domains), republish it, and have the changes available to your website in a reasonable amount of time.

However, many of our customers don't change their kits for long periods of time and would like to be able to extend the cache time to improve the site's performance. It is common to edit a kit often while designing a site, but not make any changes to the kit once the site is live.

To support these cases, use the “optimize performance“ setting under “Kit Settings” in the kit editor.

The optimize performance checkbox in the kit editor

Turning on the “optimize performance“ option extends the kit cache time to one week. This feature is specifically designed for kits that will not need to change once they are live.

After ticking the checkbox, you’ll need to click “Save Settings” and then republish your kit for the changes to take effect.


Increasing the cache timeout means that you will no longer be able to make quick changes to this kit. When this option is enabled, updates may take up to a week to be visible to all your visitors; disabling the option won’t take full effect until after a week, either. Use this option only if you don't plan to make any further changes to your kit.

If you have enabled performance optimization on a kit and need to make immediate changes to the web font setup, you would need to create a new kit & and update the embed code in your website to serve fonts with that kit ID.

Don't have the checkbox? This feature is not available to legacy Enterprise accounts with CDN-integrated kits. Those customers may configure the cache time directly with their CDN.

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