Copy, cut, paste, and delete audio in Audition

Copy or cut audio data

  1. In the Waveform Editor, select the audio data you want to copy or cut. Or, to copy or cut the entire waveform, deselect all audio data.

  2. Choose one of the following:
    • Edit > Copy to copy audio data to the clipboard.
    • Edit > Copy To New to copy and paste the audio data into a newly created file.
    • Edit > Cut to remove audio data from the current waveform and copy it to the clipboard.

Paste audio data

  1. Do either of the following:
    • To paste audio into the current file, place the current-time indicator  where you want to insert the audio or select existing audio you want to replace. Then choose Edit > Paste.
    • To paste audio data into a new file, choose Edit > Paste To New. The new file automatically inherits the sample type (rate and bit depth) from the original clipboard material.

Mix audio data when pasting

The Mix Paste command mixes audio data from the clipboard with the current waveform.

  1. In the Editor panel, place the current-time indicator  where you want to start mixing the audio data. Alternately, select the audio data you want to replace.

  2. Choose Edit > Mix Paste.

  3. Set the following options and click OK.

    Copied and Existing Audio

    Adjust the percentage volume of copied and existing audio.

    Invert Copied Audio

    Reverses the phase of copied audio, either exaggerating or reducing phase cancellation if the existing audio contains similar content. (To understand phase cancellation, see How sound waves interact.)


    Applies a crossfade to the beginning and end of the pasted audio, producing smoother transitions. Specify the fade length in milliseconds.

    Paste Type | Audition CC

    Specify the paste type. The options are as follows:


    Inserts audio at the current location or selection. Adobe Audition inserts audio at the cursor location, moving any existing data to the end of the inserted material.

    Overlap (Mix)

    Mixes audio at the selected volume level with the current waveform. If the audio is longer than the current waveform, the current waveform is lengthened to accommodate the pasted audio.


    Overdubs the audio beginning at the cursor location, and replaces the existing material thereafter for the duration of audio. For example, pasting 5 seconds of material replaces the first 5 seconds after the cursor.


    Modulates the audio with the current waveform for an interesting effect. The result is similar to overlapping, except that the values of the two waveforms are multiplied by each other, sample by sample, instead of added.

    From Clipboard

    Pastes audio data from the active internal clipboard.

    From File

    Pastes audio data from a file. Click Browse to navigate to the file.

    Loop Paste

    Pastes audio data the specified number of times. If the audio is longer than the current selection, the current selection is automatically lengthened accordingly.

Delete or crop audio

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Select audio you want to delete, and choose Edit > Delete.
    • Select audio you want to keep, and choose Edit > Crop. (Unwanted audio at the beginning and end of the file is removed.)
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