What's new in ColdFusion (2023 release)

New features & enhancements in Adobe ColdFusion

What's new and changed in ColdFusion (2023 release)

Adobe ColdFusion (2023 release) offers a modular, secure, and containerized approach to building applications that can run across multiple cloud providers or on-premises. You can now switch between cloud service providers without having to rewrite your application.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services

Optimize the efficiency of your projects with GCP Cloud Storage by communicating with multiple databases using a single line of code. Grow with storage space that’s expandable, elastic, accessible, and cheaper than ever before.

For more information, see ColdFusion and GCP Storage.

Enjoy dynamic and automatic scalability with GCP Firestore. Process large volumes of data, access a flexible JSON-like data model, and improve performance and ease of application development by employing these features.

For more information, see ColdFusion and GCP Firestore.

Eliminate the complexity of message-oriented middleware and improve the performance and scalability of your applications with GCP PubSub. Access messaging queue services with ease, transmit any volume of data across applications, and keep tabs on the status of your messages.

For more information, see ColdFusion and GCP PubSub.


Ease communication with GraphQL clients by abstracting away small details and implementing additional features, such as, query batching and deduplication, and static typing of GraphQL query results. It also enables clients to specify queries and servers to validate data against a strongly typed schema.

For more information, see ColdFusion and GraphQL.

JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

Secure your applications with the new built-in support for JWTs. Create and issue web tokens with ColdFusion or verify JWTs issued by other third-party applications. Create Signed or encrypted JWT tokens based on your design requirements.

For more information, see ColdFusion and JWT.

Central Configuration Server (CCS)

Use Central Configuration Server to centrally manage the configuration of the ColdFusion instances in an organization. You can group instances logically into functional groups and then manage the instances in a group.

For more information, see Central Configuration Server.

PDF 2.0

Print complex HTML files into pixel-perfect PDF documents. PDF 2.0 is based on a new PDF rendering engine that provides superior quality output.

For more information, see Enhanced PDF in ColdFusion.

Other additions and changes

Avro and Protocol Buffer

SAML and LDAP support in ColdFusion Administrator

Integrate users/groups of your LDAP and SAML store in ColdFusion Administrator.

For more information, see Integrate SAML and LDAP support with ColdFusion Administrator.

ColdFusion Administrator changes

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