Extension Manager CC Release Notes

Welcome to Adobe® Extension Manager CC. This document contains late-breaking product information, updates, and troubleshooting tips not covered in the Extension Manager documentation.


Extension Manager CC installs and manages extensions and plug-ins.

Extension developers have created numerous extensions to add new functionality to Creative Cloud products. Extension Manager makes installing these extensions simple and lets you enable, disable, or remove extensions.

Simply double-click an extension file to launch Extension Manager and install the extension in a product. Extension Manager displays the Creative Cloud applications you installed; you can see all of the extensions installed in each product by clicking on the product. Click on any extension to display information from the extension developer about the extension and how to access it in the Creative Cloud product.

New Features

  • Meta-content Support

In addition to installing and managing ZXP product extensions, Extension Manager CC also manages meta-content (such as fonts, templates, and images) when it is packaged as a ZXP file. Meta-content is handled like extensions during installation, and is then listed under the category “Others”.

Changes in Extension Manager CC release

  • This release of Extension Manager does not support a number of features that were present in the previous release. Features that are no longer available include the following:
    • Extension Sets: Manually enable or disable each extension.
    • Package Extensions: Use Adobe Extension Packager to package the extensions.
    • Convert MXP extensions to ZXP: Use Extension Manager CS6 for this conversion.
    • MXP extensions: This format does not support signatures, so MXP extensions cannot be published through Adobe Exchange and are no longer managed by Extension Manager. Use Extension Manager CS6 to convert them to ZXP extensions.
    • Fireworks: Install Fireworks extensions with Extension Manager CS6.
    • Undocumented attributes.
    • Rollback of file operations: If an extension installation fails, some files may be left on the computer.
    • Extension Update in application: you can use the command-line tool for this.
  • In this release, the extension name must be unique for all supported Adobe products.  If you have installed an extension with a given name in any product, you cannot install one with the same name in another product, unless you remove the first one.
    This applies to Adobe products that have both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, so they are named accordingly.  For example, the pre-installed InDesign extension named "Alignment Panel" for the 32-bit version also has a 64-bit version named "Alignment Panel64", and InCopy versions named  "Alignment Panel IC" and "Alignment Panel64 IC".
  • Extension Manager CC no longer provides the option to install per-user extensions for all users; another user must re-install such an extension in order to use it. A per-user extension is one whose destination (of the whole or of any content) is under the user home directory.
    Extension Manager CC checks for extension dependencies during installation, and so cannot install any extension that depends on a per-user extension for any other user.
  • For pre-installed extensions, Extension Manager CC loads MXI files from the pre-installed extension folder and ignores any ZXP files for that extension.
  • For hybrid extensions, the MXI file must set "file-type" to "CSXS" for all embedded CEP extensions.
  • For hybrid extensions, Extension Manager CC only validates the signature of the outer extension. The signature of an embedded CEP extension is not validated.
  • A standalone command line tool is provided in the CC release and the command format has changed from the CS6 release.
  • Extension Manager CC allows you to install an extension using BridgeTalk (note that the message body format has changed), but does not support enabling, disabling, removing, or updating an extension using BridgeTalk.

Install your software

The Extension Manager installer is available free of charge and can be downloaded from http://www.adobe.com/go/em_download or https://creative.adobe.com/.

Uninstall your software


Go to the Control Panel, select "Uninstall a program", select "Adobe Extension Manager CC", and click "Uninstall."

Mac OS

Go to Applications > Utilities > Adobe Installers, double-click "Uninstall Adobe Extension Manager CC", and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Known Issues

These problems are known to occur in this release. Please refer to Adobe Support for late-breaking information and known issues for all Creative Cloud applications.

  • Extension Manager CC does not support extensions that include files whose file names contain multi-byte characters (such as Chinese or Japanese).
  • If you install, remove, enable, disable, or update an extension with the command-line tool while the Extension Manager CC application is running, the changes are not shown in the UI until you restart the Extension Manager CC application.
  • For an extension where some content files are copied to a user-independent location, but others are in a user-dependent location, when Dreamweaver is uninstalled, the content files in the user-independent location are NOT  removed. The extension might still be available in Dreamweaver, but is not be shown in Extension Manager CC.
  • When Extension Manager CC is uninstalled, all the records of all the extensions in it are removed, but the content files of those extensions are not removed. The extensions are still available in applications, but when Extension Manager CC is installed again, they are not shown in the extension list.
  • Mac 10.8 only: Extension Manager CC cannot be found in Launchpad.

                Workaround: Drag and drop the icon to Launchpad.

Other resources

You can download the newest version of Adobe Extension Manager from the Adobe Extension Manager download page and the Product Updates page.

Adobe Exchange

Go to Adobe Exchange at https://www.adobeexchange.com/ to download extensions to customize Adobe Creative Cloud products.

Extension Developer SDK

Developers who want to create extensions for the Creative Cloud products should download the Extension Developer SDK at Extension Developer Guide

Extension Manager User Forum

Go to the Extension Manager User Forum to submit your questions, or share your experience using Extension Manager.

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