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Adobe Creative Cloud for mobile


Adobe is discontinuing Creative Cloud Synced files. They will no longer be accessible in the Creative Cloud mobile app for all users starting February 1, 2024. You can download your synced files on or before March 2, 2024, after which they will no longer be available on Adobe's servers. More information on accessing and downloading synced files is provided here.

Take Creative Cloud on the go to manage your files, quickly edit images, watch tutorials and live streams, and install fonts. It's all on your device, wherever you are.

Get started with Adobe Creative Cloud for mobile

The Creative Cloud mobile app keeps you connected with your files and your team while away from your desktop computer. It’s a powerful, mobile tool to manage and organize your files, make lightweight image edits, collaborate, learn, and use Adobe Fonts.

Download the app directly on your mobile

Download from the App Store

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Or, scan the QR code to try some quick actions without downloading the app (iOS only)

QR code for downloading Quick actions

The Creative Cloud mobile app consists of five sections: Home, Learn, Files, Fonts (iOS only), and Apps.

What you can do with Adobe Creative Cloud for mobile

Get started with Home

The Home section is where you start whenever you launch the app. It’s your personalized dashboard for your Creative Cloud. You can access recently changed files, lightweight tools, and engaging content.

Learn about the various options available in the Home section.

home in creative cloud mobile

Access and share your work

Files is where you find all your content saved in the Creative Cloud. The app brings together all your cloud documents, Lightroom photos, and libraries in one place. You can search to find what you’re looking for by name and meaning (for example, searching for "cat" returns all images of cats). You can preview folders of images as a slideshow to show off your work while on the go. You can also rename, copy, delete, and manage the organization of your files. 

To share, you can download files, share a web link, post to Instagram, or send files in an email or text message. Find the perfect Adobe Stock asset for your next creative project and add it to a library. Or, invite friends and colleagues to collaborate.

Files in creative cloud mobile

  • Quick actions: These are easy-to-use tools that automate complex tasks and help you start creating. Many quick actions can be used on images from your device or those stored in the cloud. They include Remove background, Autotone, Straighten, and more.
    (Note: On iOS, you don’t need an Adobe account to try out quick actions like Remove background.)
  • Recent: It shows thumbnails of the cloud documents and libraries that you or someone sharing with you has recently edited. Tapping on a cloud document shows its preview in a one-up view, or you can use the action menu ⋮ (Android) or … (iOS) to copy, rename, share, and delete it.
  • Discover: It contains articles and live streams about the creative process, Adobe apps and services, and creative challenges happening at Adobe. Keep on top of the latest tips, tricks, and skills with this regularly updated section.

Discover new apps

Search and discover the best mobile apps from Adobe. Quickly launch apps you’ve already installed.

apps tab is selected in creative cloud mobile app

Browse and install fonts (iOS only)

Browse, install, and create with thousands of Adobe Fonts on your iOS device. Install fonts directly on your device for use in any app supporting third-party fonts. Let’s imagine you see a font on that coffee shop’s sign that you love. You can use your phone’s camera to snap a pic and identify a similar font to use in projects later.

fonts tab is selected in creative cloud mobile app

Grow your creative skills

Learn is your hub to be inspired, learn new tips and tricks, and grow your creative skills with hundreds of professionally produced tutorials designed to inspire. Content for mobile and desktop apps is organized by app name. Tune in to a live stream instruction by your favorite Behance creator, and watch recorded sessions from MAX, Adobe’s creativity conference.

learn tab in creative cloud mobile


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