Find known issues and limitations in Adobe Premiere Rush CC.

Account-related issues

Premiere Rush sometimes does not show subscription status accurately.

If you believe you are seeing incorrect information in Premiere Rush regarding the status of your subscription, try quitting and re-opening the application, and logging out and back into your Creative Cloud account from Premiere Rush. If this continues to occur, contact us.

Green and pink video when working in Premiere Rush

You may sometimes see a green and pink haze while editing your video in Premiere Rush or in the exported project. This issue could occur because of driver compatibility issues, and you may need to upgrade your driver. 

For more information on fixing this issue, see Green and pink video in Premiere Pro or Premiere Rush.

Regional availability

Adobe CC services are currently not supported in the 1.0 version of Premiere Rush in China. As a result, Premiere Rush will not be available in this region.

Premiere Rush issues on Windows 10

Issue Workaround

HEIF images (default for iPhone X) are not supported on Windows. Projects with HEIF media are shown as "offline" and media needs to be relinked or re-added to the project.

This issue occurs if you start a project on an iOS device (such as iPhone X) that captures HEIF, and then try to open the project on Premiere Rush on Windows 10.

Convert media to a different format (such as jpeg) and relink/re-add media to the project from the Windows device.


Windows video display (graphic card) may sometimes require a driver update in order to properly play back media in Premiere Rush. If drivers are not updated, playback issues such as a yellow screen or blurred green/pink lines may occur. Update your graphics card with the latest drivers, reboot your system, and launch Premiere Rush again.

Premiere Rush issues on macOS or iOS

Issue Workaround

When you launch Premiere Rush, you get an error dialog saying:

Login to the Premiere Rush service failed due to a network connectivity error.

This issue occurs sometimes on Premiere Rush on macOS.

1. Restart computer and launch Premiere Rush.
2. If the error persists, install the Creative Cloud cleaner tool > Select Fix Host File > Select Cleanup. Relaunch Premiere Rush.

For more information about the Creative Cloud cleaner tool, see Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems.

Adjusting a slider on a panel sometimes either changes the value for another slider or acts on the previously selected clip.

This issue occurs sometimes on Premiere Rush on iOS.

Undo to fix the unwanted change and proceed with your editing.

To avoid having this happen, if you notice that a slider malfunctioned and did not move with your swiping gesture, adjust that slider again before either starting to adjust a different slider for the same clip or selecting another clip.

In some cases, changes made in the Transform or Title Inspector are not applied to the clip that's selected and under the playhead.  This generally occurs when: 

  • Moving the selected clip on the same track (V2-4 only) to a position that's still under the playhead
  • Moving a clip that was not already selected and under the playhead to the playhead.

This issue occurs only on Premiere Rush running on iPads.

Deselect and re-select the clip.
Rendering fails on iOS. This error could occur because the iOS device is running low on charge. Recharge the device and try rendering again.

Premiere Rush issue with Creative Cloud for Teams accounts

If you are a Creative Cloud for Teams customer and Premiere Rush on iOS is crashing on launch, it may be because the admin who created the account has not filled in the first or last name fields.

To work around this issue, the admin needs to update the account with non-null name fields in the admin console.  

The user then needs to log out and log in again.

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